Winter Sewing Projects

17 Sewing Projects for the Winter

Winter Sewing Projects

Long dark nights and chilly days are upon us, but there’s no need to feel cooped up indoors this winter. It’s time to set your creativity free. Clear off your cutting table and start up your sewing machine! These seventeen sewing projects will keep you busy until spring.

  1. Dog Jacket

Your four-legged friend deserves to be toasty this winter too! Use polar Fleece for a cozy, machine-washable jacket or sweater that’s easy to make and comfortable For Fido to wear. Hook and loop Fastening makes it quick to remove when a walk is done.

  1. Mug Cozy

The weather outside is FrightFul, so keep your coffee or cocoa from cooling with a quick and easy mug cozy. These are a great scrap-busting project, and can be embellished using your favorite techniques, From applique to embroidery. They’re also great when picking up coffee on the go.

  1. Christmas Tree Skirt

Celebrate the Christmas holiday with a festive new tree skirt! The process is similar to making a full circle skirt, and you can use a wide range of fabrics, including felt, quilting cotton, shirting, and more. If you display a live tree, opt For a washable fabric like synthetic felt for easy cleanup.

  1. Table Runner

Whether you’re looking For a way to spice up your holiday table, or something to use every day, a table runner is an easy way to add some color and interest. It’s also a great project for practicing new techniques! Try intricate piecing, colorful topstitching, or embroidery for a one-of-a-kind, handmade look.

  1. Fleece Zip-Up

Fleece is a fun fabric to work with and perfect for brisk winter weather. Create a zip-up fleece sweater to toss on as the temperatures fall. New to sewing with fleece? No worries! Check out these tips and tricks.

  1. Slippers

Many sewists are a bit intimidated by taking on footwear, but a pair oF cozy slippers is a great way to give it a try without needing heavy-duty equipment or lots of pricey materials. Thick felt makes a sturdy sole, while the uppers can be made of your favorite mid-weight woven fabrics. For extra comfort, consider lining them with faux fur of fleece.

  1. Reversible Throw Blanket

Lined with soft, chenille-like fabrics, reversible throws are both chic and snuggly. Choose a heavy-weight Flannel or another woven woollen fabric for one side, and a contrasting or complimentary chenille for the other. The woven fabric helps keep the looser structure of the chenille from becoming stretched and misshapen.

  1. Draft Guard

This is a project that has perks for your pocketbook as well as your decor! Stitch a rectangular pocket in a sturdy Fabric that can withstand sliding back and forth over the floor. It should be just wide enough to fit under the door and to insert two lengths of foam pipe insulation, one one either side of the door. It will keep cold draFts at bay and your sewing space nice and warm.

  1. Pocket Warmers

These handy little hand-warmers couldn’t be easier! Using a heat-tolerant fabric like cotton or linen, stitch palm-sized pouches. They can be simple rectangles or fun shapes like hearts or stars. Filled with rice or flax seeds, they can be microwaved and tucked into a pocket to keep your hands toasty warm.

  1. Headband

In the mood For a little accessorization? Whip up some quick and easy headbands! Scraps of fabric work great for this project, and the only other thing you’ll need is a bit of soft elastic for a flexible fit. Embellish your headbands with felt flowers, rhinestones, or even feathers for a festive occasion. They also make great gifts.

  1. Flannel Pajama Pants

Snow day! What better excuse to spend the day lounging around the house in a comfy pair of handmade flannel pajama pants? Check out this tutorial for ideas on how to whip up pairs for the whole family!

  1. Pocket Scarf

Kids love these scarves with cozy pockets stitched into the ends, and adults do too! Fleece is the ideal material for this project since it’s warm, soFt, and machine-washable. Measure For length; the scarf needs to be long enough to put the pockets at a comfortable height to tuck chilly hands into.

  1. Faux Fur Vest

Fur is a winter Fashion staple, and Faux Fur is not only more ethical and less expensive, but also a lot easier to work with! For a quick Fur vest you can layer over jeans and a sweater or even over a dressier look, check out this easy how-to guide.

  1. Festive Place Mats

Whether made up as a gift for friends or family, or gracing your own table, place mats are a good project for sewists of all levels, From beginning to advanced. Use water-resistant fabrics for mats that easily wipe clean, or sturdy cotton for machine-washable versions.

  1. Cozy Capelet

Want to spice up your wardrobe this winter? Check out this fun capelet! It combines a classic look with an updated aesthetic, adding edgy embroidery for a little flair.

  1. Blanket Scarf

Made from high-quality woollen flannel, these scarves are easy to make and effortlessly combine function and fashion! With simple rolled hems on the sides and a line of stay-stitching on either end to prevent excessive fraying, the sewing is so easy even a beginner can whip one up in no time!

  1. Holiday Pillows

Want to make over your decor for the holidays without breaking the bank? You can easily spruce up an entire room just by adding a Few festive throw pillows! From advent-calendar pockets to upcycled “ugly Christmas sweaters,” this is a fun opportunity to let your creativity run free!

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