25 Amazing Projects You Can Make With Felt

You may remember felt as a remnant of bygone elementary school days, but with the resurgence of craft culture in recent years, felt is back!

There are some great benefits to working with felt:

  • It’s inexpensive and available in a wide variety of colors.
  • It’s easy to work with making it ideal for experienced and beginning crafters, especially kids.
  • There’s no hemming required, so you can make projects even if you don’t own a sewing machine!

Speaking of which, it might be worth noting that if you’re going to glue felt together, there are a couple types that work best.

Tacky Glue

You’re probably familiar with this classic white glue in the gold bottle. The good thing about this glue is that it’s easy to use, and it’s nontoxic and cleans up easily making it great to use with children. The downside is that it takes a while to dry, and you might have to use more that usual to hold pieces together. It also doesn’t stand up well to washes, so use a stronger glue or stitches if your project will be laundered.

Hot Glue

You can also plug in your gun and get crafty with hot glue. Pros for this option include a stronger hold than Tacky Glue and the fact that it dries quickly. Cons also include the fact that it dries quickly, so you have to work fast. There’s also the burn factor of hot glue, so exercise safety with this option, especially if you’re crafting with kids.

Now that we’ve got you covered in glue (hee hee), let’s see what projects you can make for your home, yourself, and the little loved ones in your life. We’ve assembled a list of the top 25  projects you can create with some felt, scissors, and your mad crafting skillz!

For Kids

Children and felt have been longtime pals because felt is soft, durable, and easy to work with. Here’s some great projects you can create with kids and for kids!

  1. Felt Bow

You can’t go wrong with a cute bow hair accessory. This one is so adorable and simple to make, you’ll want to make one in every color (and maybe a few for yourself)! This tutorial shows you how to attach a bow to a clip, but it could also be sewn/glued to an elastic or plastic headband. Or, make a larger version to adorn a gift box.

  1. Pencil Pouch

Don’t settle for a boring ol’ pouch or box to store your kid’s writing and art supplies. Make one of these awesome felt zip pouches from Lia Griffith. Not only do they look cool, they’re durable and washable!

  1. Baby Leaf Headband

Does it get cuter than this? These little leaves are sewn onto a stretchy elastic band so this headband is comfy for your little one. You could also experiment with using different colored elastic trim or stretch lace for the headband. And, you can sew it all by hand, no machine required!

  1. Felt Pizza

Felt food is a great, inexpensive project you can create with and for kids to give them endless possibilities for playing. There are tons of online tutorials that will show you how to make everything from breakfast foods to desserts. We love this one to get your own little pizza chef started.

  1. Garden Box

Speaking of felt foods, give your tiny green thumb the fun of gardening without the mess with this felt garden box. You can have fun planting seeds and watching fruits and veggies “grow” by making a few felt items in different stages from little sprouts to harvestable fully grown produce.

  1. Quiet Book

Quiet books are great for teaching kids about colors, shapes, counting, etc., and they’re nice because they’re self-contained so they’re good to take on the go (perfect for long car rides). This Quiet Book Blog Pattern Directory has every template imaginable to create your own book, so you’re sure to find one tailored to your child’s interests.


That’s right, you too can make beautiful projects to add some style and fun to your home, and it’s not just for the sewing machine-inclined anymore. Get some felt and start making some decor majeure!

  1. Scallop Pillow

This scallop throw pillow looks super fun and is totally easy to make. All you need is a pillow case, felt, scissors, glue and a little patience. This would also be a great project to restyle an old pillow instead of throwing it out. Hooray for upcycling!

  1. Wreath Pillow

For an elegant twist, you can go with this Christmas Pillow from Domestic Charm. While this tutorial is holiday-inspired, this pillow could really be featured year round simply by using a more neutral color scheme.

  1. Mini Garland

Get ready, we’re taking a quick trip to garland country starting with these simple but super cute ones that would add a bright pop of color to a room or make splendid party decorations. Turn this into a family project by enlisting the help of your kids to help cut out felt shapes. Also, try experimenting with different shapes like hearts, stars or squares. Or, cut out felt letters to create a garland with a fun message!

  1. Fall Leaf Garland

Fall is right around the corner y’all, so get ready with this leaf garland. This tutorial uses a sewing machine to attach felt leaves together, but you they could also be glued to some string or thin, flat ribbon so you can experience your own changing leaves from your own cozy home.

  1. Twisted Garland

Our last stop on the garland train is this festive twisted felt garland from Purl Soho. Since they can be made in any color combo, they make great decorations for every holiday.

Pro Tip: This tutorial includes a rotary cutter to make your slits, but if you don’t have one, you can totally use scissors. Although, if you’re going to be working with felt or sewing a lot, we highly recommend you get a rotary cutter, clear ruler and cutting mat since it makes cutting and getting straight edges so much easier. Just be safe, those blades are sharp!

  1. Felt Storage Box

This felt bin is easy to construct adds some texture to your storage solutions, rather than a plain box or basket. The best part? This ingenious tutorial will show you how to make one using no sewing or glue. What is this magic?

  1. Pretty Petal Lamp

Make this petal lamp that looks like an expensive accent piece but can really be assembled for a few dollars. Sshhh, we won’t tell.


There lots of cool bags you can make with felt. The thick texture of the material lends itself to clean, modern designs that are a sleek and durable way to carry and protect all your things.

  1. Felt Purse

When you want to take some stuff, but not have to cart around all your stuff, this is the perfect-sized felt purse for just such an occasion. This tutorial gives you great step-by-step instructions to custom make your very own bag.

  1. 10-minute Felt Clutch

As its name denotes, this cute felt clutch can be assembled a just a few quick and easy steps, and you end up with a purse you made with your own two hands!

  1. Felt Tote

This bag is strong and stylish to tote around all your tote-ables, and includes a pocket for easy access to smaller items. If you want to reinforce this bag for carrying heavier loads like books, you could double up the layers of felt for some real sturdiness.

  1. Tablet Case

Don’t just throw your iPad or tablet around all willy nilly, protect that bad boy with this cool felt case. It’s super easy to make, and includes a fun figure 8 button closure to keep things safe and secure.

  1. Felt Clutch/Wallet

This handy little clutch could be used for a few items or as a wallet. With just a few felt pieces and endless color combinations, you could make a couple for yourself or give them away as lovely handmade gifts!

Get Crafty

Here’s a fun mix of projects that don’t require a ton of know-how, but will certainly maximize your felt craftability. Felt-ability? Yes, felt-ability.

  1. Felt Boxes

Tiny, cute, brightly-colored, stackable boxes? We’re sold! These make great storage for small objects or perfect reusable packaging for little gifts. Never buy a small gift box again!

  1. Felt Envelope

Give the gift of handmade goodness with one of these felt envelopes from Live Laugh Rowe. Fancy packaging for greeting card, or a great holder for a gift card, step up your gift game with a felt envelope.

  1. Drink Sleeve

Keep hot drinks hot and hands safe with a custom made drink sleeve. Not only will you have the most fashionable coffee, you’ll also be doing your part for the environment since they’re reusable. Get some good deed points by making a bunch and handing them out to fellow hot-beverage drinkers.

  1. Cactus Pin Cushion

Look, you could put your pins in a tradition pin cushion. But, why would you do that when you could make this incredibly awesome cactus pin cushion? This tutorial will show you how to make one that you can look upon with well-deserved pride.

  1. No-Sew Flowers

There’s a limitless variety of felt flower tutorials that show you everything you need to make your own faux bouquet. This is a great one from Mommy Moment to get you started with a few simple and lovely blooms that require no sewing!

  1. Rose Mobile

This lovable felt rose mobile would make an adorable addition to a nursery or a great decoration for a baby or wedding shower that the guest of honor could take home and keep.

  1. Succulent Wreath

If you’ve always wanted beautiful succulents without the effort of, ya know, keeping them alive, then this wreath is for you! While it takes some time to create each felt succulent, the end result is incredible and well worth the effort. Plus, you get a wreath that you don’t have to water and lasts forever!

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite felt projects, but there are so many more out there, and clever crafters are making and sharing new creations every day. So, keep exploring, discovering and creating fun works of art!

Did we miss any? What are some of your favorite felt projects? Share them with us in the comments section!

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