33 Easy Sewing Projects to Make and Sell  

Hey all you beginning sewers, crafters and blossoming creators of handmade goods!

Have you ever wondered if you could turn your love of sewing into a money-making venture? You totally can!

Today, more than ever, is the perfect time for crafters to sell their wares and reach a wide audience with the growing popularity of handmade fairs and online marketplaces like Etsy.

Not a sewing pro? No problem!

We’ve got you covered with our list of the top 33 sewing projects to make and sell for beginners.

If you know how to stitch or glue, love hunting for the cutest fabrics, and want to start making some cold hard cash for your skills, then this list is for you!


Home and Kitchen Projects


  1. Reversible Placemats and Napkins

This is perhaps one of the easiest projects, which makes it a great one for those sewing beginners. Reversible placemats can be made with a variety of super cute fabrics, and you can even make one side out of oilcloth to make it washable! Pair them with coordinating napkins, and you’ve got a perfect item.

  1. Reversible Storage Bin

You can’t really have enough handy little containers to stay organized, and these reversible storage bins are a cute and easy way to keep things neat. Try making them in a couple different sizes, stacking them, and selling them as a set!

  1. Fabric Basket

Speaking of keeping things organized, check out this adorable fabric basket! Great for toys, craft supplies, garden veggies, etc. Plus, it can be made from a variety of fabrics to look cute and fun or modern and elegant.

  1. Casserole Carrier

Who wouldn’t want one of these handy casserole carriers? They make a great addition to a kitchen or a perfect housewarming gift!

  1. Reusable Lunch Bag

With the move toward reusable, eco-friendly goods, these lunch bags are sure to be a big hit! They’re cute, convenient and washable. Consider making them out of oilcloth to make cleanup even easier for those times when salad dressing makes a great escape.

  1. Reusable Snack Bags

As long as you’re making lunch bags, you might as well supply some of these reusable snack bags to go inside. Sell them separately, or as a lunch and snack bag combo!

  1. Study Pillow

Why sell regular ol’ pillowcases when you can offer something unique like this study pillow? It includes a convenient carrying handle, and a pouch to keep everything you need within reach. This would also make a great sleepover pillow!

  1. Pillow Bed

Not gonna lie, we’d chill on one of these pillow beds right now. Worried about shipping something so large from an online store? Make just the casing and let your customers provide their own pillows. (This is also a good way to use those old pillows that aren’t good enough for the bed anymore!)

For Little Ones


  1. Newborn Gift Set

Give your customers a one-stop shop for baby shower presents with this matching newborn gift set. It includes swaddling blankets, burpcloths and headbands, all of which are super easy to make and much appreciated by new moms!

  1. The Perfect Burp Cloth

Unlike regular, square burp cloths, the unique shape of this one will set you apart! Make a few out of coordinating fabrics and sell as the ideal baby shower gift.

  1. Diaper and Wipes Carrier

Changing a diaper can be enough of a challenge. This simple diaper and wipes carrier keeps things easy and within reach, then folds up small to slide into a diaper bag.

  1. Car Seat Cover

This car seat cover is one of those things that’s totally easy to make, but is so appreciated when it’s made from cute, unique fabric to add a fun, personalized touch.

  1. Peek-a-Boo Bags

These ingenious drawstring peek-a-boo bags feature a clear, vinyl window so you can see exactly what’s being stored in them. Plus, the drawstring top makes it easy for kids to fill them up and stash them. Parents everywhere will thank you for single-handedly helping keep their homes tidy.

  1. Toy Bag and Play Mat

Another in the hall of genius storage ideas, this all-in-one drawstring toy bag and play mat makes playtime cleanup a snap. Plus, it keeps toys together in one storable bag, so it’s great for travel!

  1. Bow Tie Bibs

Yes, you could make average bibs. But, you could also make these amazing bowtie bibs that transform any baby into a dapper little gentleman. This tutorial shows you how to make one from a men’s button up shirt, but even if you just made them from regular cotton fabric, that adorable bowtie is enough to make these bibs too cute to pass up.

  1. Bow Tie Dog Collar

We didn’t forget about fur babies! These bow tie dog collars are sure to be a hit with the wedding crowd and those that want to dress up their four-legged friends for family photos.



  1. Basic Tote Bag

People can never have enough tote bags to stash everywhere for carrying groceries and goods. This “twenty minute tote” is easy peasy to make. Have fun experimenting with different fabrics and embellishing with trims and appliques to add your own unique signature!

  1. Divided Tote

If you’re ready to graduate to the next level in the tote game, try your hand at this divided tote which includes a center divider to keep the shampoo and tortilla chips separate. The sections, outer pocket, and sturdy strap will give you an edge in the tote bag marketplace.

  1. Wallet Organizer

How great is this wallet organizer? Not only does it keep everything in its place, it’s made of felt. What does that mean for you? Minimal sewing and no hemming! Plus, felt is inexpensive and comes in so many shades, the color combos are endless!

  1. Laptop Sleeve

As long as you’re in the felt aisle, pick up enough to make this sleek laptop sleeve. You could also try lining it with a contrasting color, or even different fabric!

  1. Yoga Mat Bag

Help a yogi out by making attractive, functional yoga mat bags that don’t cost an arm and a leg. These bags keep mats protected and make them easy to carry with a sturdy shoulder strap so your yoga-goin’ customers can namaste in style.

  1. Zipper Book Clutch

This fun book clutch is easy to create and lets your buyers express their inner bookworm. Made from hardback book covers, these purse clutches are a stylish way to upcycle old books or create custom pieces. Hit up your local thrift store and collect some great titles and covers!

  1. Foldover Clutch

Tired of the tiny, envelope clutches that only allow you to carry a tube of lipstick and one house key? This foldover clutch not only looks cool, it opens up to reveal a zip top and gives you enough space to cart around all your goods.



  1. Passport Holder

Turn your customers into posh travelers with these leather passport holders. They’re a great way to add a touch of style to a trip abroad.

  1. Zipper Pouch

When you’re packing for a trip, you can never have enough little zipper pouches to keep your suitcase from becoming a travel item soup. These cute bags can be made in various sizes and fabric color combinations. Sell them as singles or as a set!

  1. Mesh Bag

This little mesh bag is one of those things you don’t realize you need, but you’re so glad when you have it. They make a great travel companion for storing dirty laundry, wet bathing suits, or washing delicates. They’re totally easy to construct and can be made in any size!

  1. Drawstring Travel Bag

These drawstring bags are great for you because they’re cinch to make, and you can customize them with your favorite fabrics, graphics or designs. They’re great for customers because they fold up small in a suitcase and can be filled with everything they need for a day out sightseeing.

  1. Cable Cozy

Keep cables untangled and all in one place with this cable cozy. This little helper is perfect for use at home or while traveling and will eliminate that whole did-I-leave-my-charger-in-the-hotel-room post checkout panic.

  1. Earbud Pouch

Speaking of tangled messes, the reigning champion of that title goes to earbuds. You can help in that battle by creating these lovely earbud pouches that keep them tangle-free and easy to find in a bag. One of these pouches will also come in handy to avoid the inevitable loss of those new cordless buds.

  1. Makeup Brush Holder

This roll-up makeup brush holder goes together in a snap, and keeps brushes clean, organized and safe from damage. It’s a much better way to travel than throwing them at the bottom of a makeup bag to be subjected to that pot of eyeshadow that decides to open up and get all over EVERYTHING.

  1. Sunbathing Tote

Everyone thinks that a plain ol’ beach towel is sufficient for sun worship until they catch a glance at one of these sunbathing totes. A handy carrying handle? And a pocket for toting my water and sunblock? AND a pillow so I don’t have to prop my neck on my crumpled up clothes?! Take my money!

  1. Oversized Sleep Mask

Redeye flights and unfamiliar sleeping environments can wreak havoc on a sleep schedule. And those flimsy little eye masks that still let light in aren’t doing anyone any favors. Save the day by whipping up these oversized sleep masks that vanquish light leaks and usher travelers back into dreamland.

  1. Neck Pillow

Desperate travelers everywhere have succumbed to the siren song of buying a boring-looking, overpriced neck pillow in an airport in an attempt to achieve comfort on a plane. No more! Make these cute and comfy neck pillows, and give your traveling customers some cozy and stylish options.


There you go! Even if you’re a newbie crafter or sewer, you can use your skills to start creating projects to make and sell.

Now it’s just a matter of choosing a shop name, slapping your label on your wares, and getting them out into the world! Good luck, you handcrafters and creators!


What items are you considering making and selling? Or, do you already have an online shop? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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