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By Annabelle Short on 04/18/2017

The 10 Hottest Sewing Trends Of 2017

The 10 Hottest Sewing Trends Of 2017

Every year, catwalks are filled with models sporting the latest fashions, from beautiful to bizarre. Of course, not all of these looks are suitable for everyday wear, much less creating at home, but there are fashion-forward trends that can help liven up your projects this year. Check out these 10 trendy ideas that you can sew at home!

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1. DIY Denim

If you're always on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans, you'll love this trend. Sewing your own jeans might seem a bit intimidating at first, especially if you're new to sewing, and there are definitely considerations to make before you dive in. Some lightweight home sewing machines aren't built to handle heavy fabrics, and no matter what type of machine you use, be sure to insert a heavy-duty needle before starting your project, since all-purpose needles are apt to snap. Whether acid-washed flairs or a slimming pair of skinny jeans, with a little practice, you'll be able to add this staple to your wardrobe with ease!

2. Lacey Lingerie

Did you know that an estimated 64% of women are wearing the wrong size bra? Part of the problem is the complicated sizing system, and the tricky task of taking your own measurements, but there's also the simple fact that every woman is shaped differently! Creating your own lingerie is a great way to get that perfect fit, and also to practice working with boning, padding, and other shaping materials to achieve the look you want. Go ahead and splurge on high-end materials. Since these projects are small, you won't have to break the bank to look and feel great!

3. Backpacks

They're not just for school kids anymore! Handmade backpacks are practical and easy enough for even beginning sewists to make. Use them to practice tricky techniques like setting zippers, piping, and different types of pockets, or to hone your skills in embellishments! Beads, embroidery, fringe, leatherwork, applique, patchwork—it's all fair game when you're creating custom bags and backpacks.

4. Mix & Match Prints

Remember the fashion for color blocked clothes a few years back? It's back, but with a twist. Instead of pairing blocks of solid color, this year's fashion is for pairing contrasting prints. There are lots of ways to pull off this look: Add striped sleeves to a floral blouse, or use a splashy abstract print for a skirt paired with a polka-dot bodice. Make sure to use fabrics of similar weight and texture if your pattern calls for it, and feel free to be as bold as you want!

5. Unstructured Jackets

Drapey, comfy, and incredibly easy to sew, loose jackets and wraps lend an extra layer without the formality of a blazer or jacket. For a soft, flowing look, use knit fabrics like jersey. If you're not comfortable working with stretch fabrics, turn to denim, or its softer cousin chambray, for a beachy summer look. For fall and winter, try wool suiting fabrics. Though designed for more formal looks, their rich colors and heavier weight make them perfect for this dressed-down trend as well.

6. Athletic Wear

Looking to conquer stretch fabrics? Check out this sewing trend! Whether you're training for a marathon, or out for a jog around the block, you can quickly craft cute and comfy leggings, shorts, and tops that would give any celebrity athletic wear line a run for its money. While some home sewing machines have settings designed for stretch fabrics like Lycra and spandex, you'll get the best results from using an overlock machine or serger to set your seams and simultaneously finish the edges as you go.

7. Draped necklines

The Peter Pan collar has had its day. As fashion moves toward softer, flowing fabrics and fits, there's a new neckline to match: draped, cowl-like collars are appearing on all kinds of blouses and dresses. No need to replace all your favorite patterns, though. Use the "slash and spread" method to add those elegant draped lines to almost any garment.

8. T Time!

Ever considered making your own t-shirts? It's easier than you might think. There are dozens of patterns for different types of shirts. Mix and match your favorite necklines, hems, and sleeves to create the perfect combination. Remember that cotton jersey, the fabric most commonly used in t-shirts, has quite a bit of stretch and also may shrink, so be sure to wash and dry it before marking out your patterns. It's also a good idea to use a jersey needle in your sewing machine; these have blunt, rounded tips that won't snag and pull the fabric as you sew.

9. Statement Sleeves

From loose, fluttery butterfly sleeves to origami-like pleats to a simple and elegant tulip shape, sleeves are making a statement in 2017. Get an informal, draped look with a cut-in-one batwing sleeve, or spice up a little black dress with keyhole shoulders. Keep in mind that intricate pleating or smocking shows best on solid colored fabrics, or geometric prints, while abstract prints pair well with full sleeves with a little more more movement.

10. Green Fashion

"Eco-friendly" is more than just a buzzword these days. For many, it's become a lifestyle. While it's easy to find green cleaning products and organic foods at almost every grocery store, it's still a challenge to find sustainable clothing lines. Many home sewists are fixing that problem themselves! With fibers such as organic cotton and synthetics from recycled sources, you can create your favorite looks while still lessening your environmental impact. Another great (and trendy!) way to create a "green" wardrobe is through upcycling or refashioning existing garments to create entirely new looks.

It's easy to get stuck in a rut with your sewing projects, especially when you've found patterns and techniques that work for you. With these trendy ideas, you'll not only be branching out into fun, creative new projects, you'll have a wardrobe that's practically runway-ready!

Have you tried any of these techniques yet? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!

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