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By Annabelle Short on 12/12/2016

10 Sewing Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

10 Sewing Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Here is a handful of sewing hacks that will make your sewing life easier.

Did you know that you can use the following household items to become a more effective seamstress? Here is a handful of sewing hacks that will make your sewing life easier.


  • Use Clothespins for Better Quilting: Clothespins are not just for laundry - they can also be handy in sewing. Just simply fold them over the binding and clip it in place. Remove them one by as you sew around the quilt and reposition to another area on your binding.
  • Use Toothpicks When Sewing Buttons: Sewing buttons by hand is easy with the help of toothpicks. Simply place the toothpick between the two holes of the button, then sew back and forth into the holes while straddling the toothpick. Once done, just remove the toothpick.
  • Use your Toe Nail Separator to Get Rid of Dangling Bobbins: For an organized and no more dangling, use your toe nail separator.
  • Use a Dowel as a Second Spool Holder: Worry no more if you need to double needle and you don’t have a second spool holder. A simple dowel can solve the proble!

All you need to do is just tape it vertically to the side of your sewing machine.

  • Use a Bar of Soap as a Pin Cushion: A piece of soap can double as a pin cushion and will give your needles a helpful coating that makes sewing smoother.
  • Stuff Your Pin Cushion with Steel Wool: Simply stuff your pin cushion with steel wool pads, which will sharpen your needles every time you insert them into the cushion.
  • Pick up Pins with a Magnet: Why pick up piles of sharp pins with your bare hands when you have a magnet that will do it for you?

Just pass the magnet over the metallic pins and you’ll have those pesky pins picked up in no time.

  • Create a Magnetized Bowl for Easy Organizing: You can also avoid stray and disorganized pins by gluing a magnet to the bottom of a metallic bowl. No more messy pins with this smart hack.
  • Use a Matchbox for Storage: If you want an on-the-go sewing case then the match box is your answer. Just place your needles, pins and thread inside the box and you’re good to go.
  • Create Your Own Cutting Table: To make your own cutting table, just glue a measuring stick to the edge of your table and voila!

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