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By Annabelle Short on 07/06/2017

14 Most Famous Tailors Of All Time

14 Most Famous Tailors Of All Time

Here are 14 most famous tailors of all time.

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14 Most Famous Tailors Of All Time

Some tailors are just born with an inexplicable knack for fashion and an eye for turning a simple sheet of drab fabric into a fabulous masterpiece, just waiting to be worn…

...Of those tailors, a few have earned the title of being some of the most famous:

  • Jacob W. Davis (1831-1908): He was credited with inventing modern jeans.
  • Ozwald Boateng: Boateng is remembered for his intuitive fusion of high-end modern design with the cut, color and fabric of traditional classic British tailoring.
  • Sir Edwin Hardy Amies: He is best known as the official dressmaker for Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Richard James: Richard James is best known for setting the standard for contemporary menswear and tailoring with his leading luxury.
  • Gieves & Hawkes: This company stands as one of the oldest continual bespoke tailoring companies in the world, providing ready-to wear, bespoke and military tailoring.
  • Cifonelli: Cifonelli, creator of a world-renowned brand, was passionate about chic Italian elegance, and his company continues to revamp the Jacket.
  • William Fioravanti: Known as the “best of the best” in bespoke custom tailoring, he received the “Golden Scissors” from the Academy of Master Tailors in Italy.
  • Gianni Campagna: His suits have been seen on the likes of Pierce Brosnan, Jack Nicholson and Charleston Heston.
  • Kiton: Founded in Naples, Italy, Kiton provides luxurious ready-to-wear and made-to-measure clothing.
  • Caruso: Caruso has created a timeless collection of suits, which boasts the perfect fit and the finest Italian tailoring culture.
  • MP di Massimo Piombo: The company’s collections offer a style message that captures consumers with its intensity and reflection of contemporary desires.
  • Isais: It is one of the most sought-after brands for its fine creations.
  • Rubinacci: The most renowned bespoke tailor in Naples, Rubinacci is known for his unlined, unstructured jacket design for out of the office.
  • Huntsman: A British brand that tailors the wardrobes of such legends as Gregory Peck and Laurence Olivier.

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