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By Annabelle Short on 05/08/2017

15 Things Only A Seamstress Can Understand | Image

15 Things Only A Seamstress Can Understand

These are the 15 things only a seamstress can understand.

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15 Things Only A Seamstress Can Understand

  • Secretly touching other people's clothes to see what fabric they are made of.
  • Smelling fabric every time you get your hands on it.
  • The feeling of extreme happiness when people appreciate the things you sew.
  • Looking at the ready-to-wear clothes in the mall, knowing that you can do much better.
  • Having a nice pair of scissors and keeping them hidden away so no one will use them to cut other things.
  • The joy of getting new sewing tools.
  • Always putting pins in your mouth.
  • The problem of having pins everywhere.
  • Sometimes forgetting to eat when you are in the Sewing Zone.
  • Always talking to your sewing machine.
  • Having more than one sewing machine.
  • Always stopping at fabric stores even when you are on a family trip.
  • Buying more and more fabric, when you have tons already.
  • The annoyance you feel when you see someone wearing clothes that does not fit perfectly.
  • Checking ready made clothes and calculating how much it would cost you to make them.