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By Annabelle Short on 13/07/2019

15 Things Only A Seamstress Can Understand | Image

15 Things Only A Seamstress Can Understand

These are the 15 things only a seamstress can understand.

  1. Secretly touching other people's clothes to see what fabric they are made of.
  1. Smelling fabric every time you get your hands on it.
  1. The feeling of extreme happiness when people appreciate the things you sew.
  1. Looking at the ready-to-wear clothes in the mall, knowing that you can do much better.
  1. Having a nice pair of scissors and keeping them hidden away so no one will use them to cut other things.
  1. The joy of getting new sewing tools.
  1. Always putting pins in your mouth.
  1. The problem of having pins everywhere.
  1. Sometimes forgetting to eat when you are in the Sewing Zone.
  1. Always talking to your sewing machine.
  1. Having more than one sewing machine.
  1. Always stopping at fabric stores even when you are on a family trip.
  1. Buying more and more fabric, when you have tons already.
  1. The annoyance you feel when you see someone wearing clothes that does not fit perfectly.
  1. Checking ready made clothes and calculating how much it would cost you to make them.