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By Annabelle Short on 31/05/2019

17 Easy Back-To-School Sewing Projects | Image

17 Easy Back-To-School Sewing Projects

Back to School Sewing Projects





-Needle and thread?

Double check. It`s time to head back to school, and we`ve got some fun sewing projects to help you get ready.

  1. Hand-printed Backpack

This design combines stenciled clouds and rainbow straps for an all-weather bag.

  1. Quilted Laptop Case

Perfect for older students with papers to write and research to do. Protect those laptops with a quilted case.

  1. Insulated Lunch Sack

No one else in the lunchroom will have a bag this unique! This version is insulated, water- and spill-proof, and totally adorable!

  1. Quick and Easy Pencil Case

Got 15 minutes, a zipper, and some fabric? You've got everything you need to whip together this pencil pouch.

  1. Reusable Sandwich Bags

Made from laminated cotton and sturdy canvas, these bags hold up to repeated use.

  1. Custom Fabric Notebooks

A great way to use up scrap fabric while making a one-of-a-kind notebook perfect for keeping track of homework and projects.

  1. Water Bottle Tote

Great for after-school practices, help kids stay hydrated with a cute water bottle cover.

  1. ID Card Keychain

Help your kids keep track of their school ID cards or other important information with these monogrammed keychains.

  1. Pillow Case Duffel

Made from a pair of printed pillowcases, this duffel is great for sleepovers or gym class.

  1. Art Smock

Whip up an easy art smock to spare those brand new school clothes you just bought.

  1. Homework Chair Bag

Keep homework from migrating all over the house with this handy chair bag for books and folders.

  1. Roll-up Organizer

Pencils, pens, scissors, and more all have a place in this roll-up organizer made from a simple tea towel.

  1. Felt Pencil Toppers

These forest friend inspired pencil toppers are a great back-to-school project kids can make themselves.

  1. Scrap Fabric Bookmarks

Keep track of all those reading assignments with easy bookmarks made from fabric scraps.

  1. Roll-up Nap Mat

For preschoolers or kids heading out to a sleepover, this roll-up nap mat is both convenient and adorable.

  1. Change Purse

It's not always easy keeping track of that lunch money. This zippered coin purse takes away the guesswork.

  1. Pocket Tissue Pouch

Send them off with everything they might need, including a pack of tissues in this easy-to-sew tissue pouch.