By Annabelle Short on 01/07/2019

19 Must Have Sewing Tools [Infographic] | Image

19 Must Have Sewing Tools [Infographic]

What's in your sewing kit? Are your bobbins abundant, and your pin cushion magnetic? View our the infographic below for our complete list of 19 must-have items for our sewing tools. Take a look and let us know in the comments what you items you can't live without! Для Интернета   1. SEWING GAUGE 2. SEWING KIT/BAG 3. SEWING NEEDLE 4. SHARP SCISSORS 5. TAPE MEASURE 6. SEAM RIPPER 7. PINS AND SAFETY PINS 8. THREAD 9. YARD STICK 10. ROTARY CUTTER AND CUTTING MAT 11. THIMBLE 12. EXTRA BOBBINS 13. NAIL FILE (FOR NAIL SNAGS) 14. WALKING SEWING FOOT 15. MAGNETIC PIN CUSHION 16. CHALK (FOR MAKING MARKS) 17. DOUBLE FACED BASTING TAPE 18. MAGNETIC SEAM GUIDE 19. TAILOR BOARD/CLAPPER