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By Annabelle Short on 11/01/2017

20 Sewing Crafts You Can Sell on Etsy

20 Sewing Crafts You Can Sell on Etsy

Looking to make a little extra money to support your crafting habit (or growing hand-made business) through an Etsy shop? Check out these ideas for one-of-a-kind items you can offer your soon-to-be customers!

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  • Headbands

An Etsy classic! Easy enough to make quickly, and with hundreds of different styles to choose from, headbands can offer your Etsy customers a lot of variety without a lot of time and effort on your part.

  • Wallets

These are especially smart if you make masculine styles—who wouldn't love to find a great hand-made gift for all the guys in their lives? Since they can be assembled quickly and easily, consider offering customizable options, like adding a wrist-strap for women's wallets, or allowing customers to choose from a range of fabric prints.

  • Clutch Purses

There's a whole range of petite bags you could offer, from beaded bridal handbags to studded leather rocker clutches. Find what suits your style and your sewing preferences, and offer a small number of different bags within that range to avoid spreading yourself too thin.

  • Baby Clothes

With baby photo shoots becoming the norm and Pinterest-worthy outfits a must, more and more parents are turning to handmade artists and crafters to find those one-of-a-kind pieces. If you love kids, this might be the perfect option for you!

  • Costumer

It can be tricky creating clothing for sale on Etsy; unless you're stitching to a standard range of sizes, each design would need to be custom created, which is the perfect option for a stitcher who loves to be creative! Keep in mind that these kinds of Etsy shops tend to have fewer sales, but each item sold is of much higher value than the average shop.

  • Embroidered Art

Prefer hand sewing to busting out the machine? Why not stitch up some fun embroidered art? Tucked in a frame or left in the embroidery hoop, quirky, irreverent, and unique artworks made of thread are all the rage now!

  • Pillows

Got an interior designer's eye? Help homeowners add a pop of color with bright, geometric patterned pillows, or bold florals. Or get cute and create squishy kids' pillows shaped like cuddly animal friends!

  • Tote Bags

With more and more of us going green and ditching plastic, it's nice to have a range of sturdy (and cute!) totes on hand for lugging home the groceries. Plus they're also great for heading to the gym, dropping by the library, packing road trip snacks, and more! Offer a range of sizes to give your customers options.

  • Laptop Cases

The perfect gift for a college-bound student. Offer chic and simple sleeves, bright monogrammed zipper cases, or both!

  • Aprons

Aprons offer the fun and variety of clothing without all the hassle of getting the perfect fit. From ruffled confections that are almost too cute for the kitchen to kids' coveralls perfect for art projects, choose a style that suits your shop's vision and offer a few variations to keep things interesting.

  • Stuffed Animals

Who didn't have a favorite teddy bear (or stuffed zebra, or shark, or what-have-you) as a kid? Recapture that whimsy and make fun animal friends to offer in your shop! Make sure to be mindful of any potential small parts or choking hazards and warn parents if any of your creations are meant to be admired rather than played with.

  • Infinity Scarves

Ultra quick and easy to make, you can whip up an entire stock of scarves in an afternoon. Since they're so easy, though, you'll want to make sure your scarves stand out from the crowd. Consider looking for unusual fabrics, or combining fabrics in unexpected ways. If you're feeling ambitious, you could even print or paint your own fabrics!

  • Backpacks

They're not just for students anymore! Trendy backpacks sporting leather trim and vintage-inspired fabrics are cropping up everywhere. Why not offer your own take with custom, hand-made flair?

  • Upcycled Projects

Do you specialize in turning old sweaters into cozy mittens? How about crafting tea towels from vintage flour sacks, or pillowcases from old embroidered handkerchiefs? Etsy shoppers love upcycled projects, so don't be afraid to showcase what you've made with "before and after” shots!

  • Makeup Organizers

From zippered pouches with dividers and pockets to roll-up brush organizers, it seems there's an entire world of sewing projects that cater just to the fashionista with a flair for makeup and a collection to keep organized.

  • Pet Accessories

Adorable bow-ties for wedding-bound pups? Check. Cat beds shaped like open-mouthed sharks? Check. You can find all kinds of quirky, hand-sewn pet products on Etsy, so consider putting your own twist on these projects and pampering some pets!

  • Should Bags

Whether it's classic messenger bags or zombie-print purses, quality shoulder bags are a hot commodity on Etsy. Consider creating a few signature designs to set your work apart from the rest.

  • Kitchen Essentials

Embroidered tea towels? Quilted placemats? Elegant linen napkins? Festive table runners? The list of projects for the kitchen and dining room goes on and on. Offer a range in your Etsy shop and remind your customers that you offer complete matched sets!

  • Quilts

Quilting is a labor of love, and often bedspread-sized quilts are too time and labor-intensive to be viable for a handmade business. Lap quilts, baby quilts, and other smaller items, however are perfect for Etsy.

  • Holiday Decor

While the Christmas season offers plenty of ideas—stockings and tree skirts, advent calendars and table runners—holiday-themed decor items can be a hit throughout the years as long as you change up what's on offer. Keep in mind that you'll need to be crafting ahead of the season, so you might find yourself stitching Christmas stockings in July!

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