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By Annabelle Short on 03/27/2018

20 Spring Sewing Projects

20 Spring Sewing Projects

Spring is a time for cleaning out the cobwebs and starting afresh. Whether that means reorganizing your fabric stash, creating some new decorations around the house, or sprucing up your wardrobe, one thing's for sure. There's plenty of sewing to do! Check out these ideas for some springtime inspiration.

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1. Spring Throw Pillows

Winter is great for dark, warm colors and rich textures like nubbly weaves and lush velvets. For spring, lightening up something as simple as your throw pillows can freshen your whole decor scheme. Pastel shades are always a good option, but for something a little more dynamic, look for oversized flower or leaf prints in brighter hues. If your springtime weather includes muddy pets or kids who love to play outdoors, opt for covers instead of whole new cushions, and choose fabrics with a higher percentage of synthetic fibers. These wash well and are less prone to staining than natural fibers like cotton.

2. Washable Sweeper Covers

Getting ready for spring cleaning? Make it a little greener this year with washable sweeper covers to replace the usual disposable pads. Floor sweepers are handy for wiping up quick messes and can even help you give walls and hard to reach areas a quick once-over. Use an absorbent, textured cloth, like recycled toweling, for scrubbing, and a lighter, static-prone fabric like fleece to attract dust and lint.

3. Easy Sundress

With the weather starting to warm up, it's time to think about adding some fun new pieces to your summer wardrobe. This easy peasant dress uses elastic thread to shape the neckline and short cap sleeves. No darts, no fussy fitting, just a quick and easy project even beginning sewists can whip up with no trouble.

4. Fabric Napkin Set

Whether you're hosting the family for Easter dinner or getting a head start on your summer barbeque plans, you can never go wrong with a stack of fabric napkins in your kitchen drawer. They're much more eco-friendly than disposable napkins, and are a great way to practice mitered corners.

5. Quilted Table Runner

Add a little springtime color to your table with a new quilted runner. If you're new to piecing, there are lots of easy quilt blocks for flowers, leaves, butterflies, and other springy motifs that can be made using just squares and triangles. A great scrap busting project!

6. Farmers' Market Totes

The earth is coming back to life, and soon the local Farmers' Markets will be bustling again. Be ready to load up your latest haul of fruits and veggies with some quick market totes! These are easy to make from sturdy fabrics like denim, canvas, and even quilting cotton. Make sure you choose something washable, and add long straps for easy carrying.

7. Whimsical Gathered Skirt

This is the perfect summery skirt pattern! The waistband is elasticized only in the back, meaning you get the comfort of elastic with the nice trim look of a fitted waistband in the front. The gathered skirt is cut to flare at the bottom, for lots of movement and comfort as the weather warms up. Cut it short or wear it long—or make several and do both!

8. Lace-edged Shorts

Hard to believe it, but it's almost shorts weather again! Whip up some simple shorts with a special touch: lace edging stitched along the hems. Try a variety of fabrics for different styles: chambray for a lightweight denim alternative, bright geometric prints, vintage gingham. Whether you're crafting them for kids or wearing them yourself, these shorts make a stylish statement!

9. Lightweight Spring Infinity Scarf

Spring is the perfect time to practice working with lightweight and semi-sheer fabrics like voile, chiffon, and georgette. These fabrics are great for layering, and for accessories like scarves and shrugs. They do take some practice, though. Check out these tips for working with lightweight fabrics. For an infinity scarf, use a delicate rolled hem foot to add hems to the sides of your fabric, then join the ends using a French seam to finish hide your raw edges.

10. Sheer Curtains

Another great project for working with sheer fabrics! With only straight seams and minimal shaping, you can lighten and brighten any room by swapping out heavy winter drapes for light and floaty sheer curtains. Make sure to align the grain in your fabric before cutting; the loose weave of sheers makes them prone to stretching along the bias, which can distort your seams and hems and make your curtains look crooked. Choose light colors, like white or ivory, that won't noticeably fade in the sunlight.

11. Kimono Jacket

With spring's unpredictable weather, it's always good to have a few extra layers on hand. A drapey, shrug-on jacket with kimono sleeves is the perfect option. "Kimono sleeves" refer to sleeves that are set in parallel with the side seam, meaning there are no curves to negotiate and no tricky easing of fabric to match the armscye. Perfect for beginning sewists!

12. Shabby Chic Shower Curtain

Who says spring cleaning can't include a little redecorating? A new outer shower curtain made with oversized blocks of pretty prints is the perfect way to use up mismatched fabrics and add a touch of homemade charm to your bathroom.

13. Embellished Tea Towels

This is a fun spring-time project that also makes a great gift. Use embroidery or applique to add flowers, birds, bunnies, and other spring motifs to a set of tea towels. Tie with a pretty ribbon, and your gift is ready to give!

14. DIY Bedskirt

A simple project can go a long way toward making your house feel like a home, or toward giving your home a bit of a face-lift. A bedskirt is one of those little luxuries that can make a big difference in your decor, and with simple straight seams, you can whip one up in an afternoon!

15. Monogrammed Towel Set

With spring comes wedding season, and what more appropriate gift than a monogrammed set of towels? If you have a dedicated embroidery machine, this process can be as easy as pressing a button, but even more basic machines have the ability to create beautiful designs. Start with a practice set if you're new to machine embroidery.

16. Reusable Duster Cloths

Spring cleaning might be a chore, but having the right tools makes all the difference. Whip up some reusable dusters made from polar fleece or flannel. These fabrics are gentle enough for dusting even delicate items, but do an excellent job of catching dust and dirt and holding onto them until you toss the duster in the wash. Check out this tutorial for a step by step how-to.

17. Quilted Appliance Covers

Bring a cohesive look to your kitchen and keep your appliances neat and tidy under matching, quilted covers. Use a monochromatic palette for a sleek, modern look, or go vintage with mix and match prints and patterns!

18. Scrap Fabric Baskets

Fabric scraps are inevitable for sewists, and part of the challenge of spring cleaning in your sewing space is finding ways to keep that scrap stash under control. These beautiful baskets can help on two fronts: not only do they give you a way to use up scraps, but you can use them as scrap storage once they're done. Use a soft woven cord ¼ inch in diameter as a core, and wrap your scraps around it. Using sturdy thread and a zig-zag stitch, shape your basket by coiling the cord around itself and stitching it in place. Be sure to give your basket a large flat base for maximum stability.

19. Sewing Room Thread Catcher

If "organize sewing room" is on your list of spring cleaning tasks, take a moment to create a handy thread-catcher for yourself. Designed to hang over the edge of your sewing table where you can easily sweep loose threads and small scraps of fabric into them, thread catchers are usually anchored by your sewing machine, and can even have extra pockets for storing tools you need at hand most often, like thread snips, extra bobbins, sewing machine adjustment tools, scissors, and more!

20. Upcycled Jean Jacket

Looking for a fun project with springtime flair? Spruce up an old jean jacket with a bit of hand embroidery or applique. Bright blossoms add a pop of color against dark denim, or opt for a pattern of simple studs for an understated look that's chic and stylish. Even old and holey jackets can get a new lease on life. Check out reverse applique as an option for patching up those holes and making them a feature instead of a flaw.

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