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By Annabelle Short on 03/16/2017

25 Beginning Clothing Patterns

25 Beginning Clothing Patterns 

Are you new to sewing?

Have you ever looked longingly at people who make their own clothes and thought, “Someday, that will be me.”

That day is today, y’all!

Constructing your own clothing is easier than you think. With a bevy of online tutorials, printable patterns, and step-by-step instructions, you’ll be filling your closet with custom-made items in no time!

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Today, we’ve collected our favorite 25 clothing patterns for beginners. Once you see how simple it is to make your first item, you’ll start wondering what else you can put together at your own sewing machine.

Start practicing how to humbly reply, “Oh this? It’s just a little something I threw together.”

25 Clothing Patterns for Beginners


1. The Natty Top

This simple top is a great starter piece. It’s comfy and flowy, so it doesn’t need to be fitted, and can be made from a variety of cute knits. Make a few in different colors or fabrics and celebrate your sewing skills in comfort.

 2. Kimono Top

Need a light coverup for those summer evenings? This pretty kimono top is based on a t shirt, so making a pattern is a cinch. Then it’s just a couple stitches and hems, and you’ve got a cute, lightweight layer that takes your tank and jeans up a notch.

3. Tunic Tee

For those days when you want to throw on something comfy without resorting to wearing your pj pants in public, the tunic tee is your new best friend. It’s easy to make, breezy without being shapeless, and long enough that you can wear it with your favorite leggings and sweater.

 4. Gathered Top

One top you can change up with your mood? We got you. This gathered top can be made in under an hour (yes, even by beginners!) and allows you to change out the tie straps as you see fit. You can make it even easier by using ribbon or cute trims for the straps!

 5. Beach Wrap

Summer will be here before we know it! Get ready for fun times in the sun with this genius beach wrap. It requires minimal sewing, but will come in super handy when you don’t want to slip your sunscreen and sand-covered self back into a pair of shorts.


6. Boxer Shorts

Don’t resort to borrowing your guy’s boxers just because you want some comfortable shorts to lounge in. Make your own pair (or a few) of cute boxer shorts out of the huge variety of cute cottons out there. Let the lounging begin!

 7. Pajama Pants

Speaking of lazing around, kick it in style by making your very own pajama pants in just a few simple steps. This tutorial even shows you how to add contrasting cuff so you can mix it up with coordinating fabrics.

 8. Converted Maternity Pants

You don’t have to drop big bucks on maternity pants that you’ll only wear for a few months. You can convert a regular pair of slacks or jeans into maternity pants with just a couple steps and a stretchy waistband. Hit some clearance racks or second hand stores and turn those finds into prego pants!

 9. Super Simple Skirt

When it comes to easy sewing patterns, nothing could be more simple than a skirt, and we’ve got a bunch of ‘em so you can change it up! Start out with this super simple skirt that’s easy to make and easy to throw on on those warm spring and summer days.

 10. Maxi Skirt

Is there anything better than a maxi skirt? So comfy. So versatile. Can be dressed up or down. It’s the perfect wardrobe staple, and now you can make them in every color your heart desires. This instructional will show you how to throw together your own custom fit maxi skirt in just 15 minutes! Tall girls, rejoice!

 11. Stretchy Pencil Skirt

A stretchy pencil skirt is another one of those items that’s wonderful and comfortable. . . if it fits right. Because it’s body-contoured, you risk suffocating waistbands, hems that are too short (or too long), and fits that show all the wrong bulges in all the wrong places. Well, now you can sew your own pencil skirt made just for you!

Pro Tip: After you’ve sewn your skirt together, if you want to fit it and tailor it to your body, put it on inside out. This will make it easier to pin seams where they need to be taken in, then you can just slip it off and sew. Just be careful not to poke yourself. Those pins are sharp!

 12. Circle Skirt

The circle skirt has been around, well, probably since the invention of skirts. This classic skirt never goes out of style, and this tutorial from The Little Studio will show you how to put one together. Also, check out this post which shows you how to adjust the fullness of your skirt. No matter how you make it, we dare you to put one on and not twirl around.

 13. Gathered Maxi Skirt

Want to make a maxi skirt, but also look like a Grecian goddess while you’re wearing it? Of course you do! Hop on over to One Simple Bliss and learn how to make the flowy-est of flowy skirts that will have you wanting to saunter through gardens while donning a flower crown.

 14. Maxi Skirt with Pockets

Pockets?! Right? Any dress is made infinitely better with pockets because it potentially frees us of the shackles of having to carry a purse. Plus, so cute! Pockets are easier to install than you think. This DIY will show you how to make a short or maxi skirt with pockets, plus it teaches you how to add lining to keep your skirt from being see-through.

 15. Bohemian Maxi Skirt

Get your inner boho on with this maxi skirt featuring gathered sections. This skirt can be made from stretchy knits, or cute cottons. You can even experiment with making each section out of a different coordinating color or fabric!

 16. High-Waisted Mini Skirt

This flirty, high-waisted mini skirt is perfectly paired with a tee or tank. This pattern also features pockets (you’re welcome). But if you’re not ready to venture into pocket-making country, just skip that step and sew up the sides of the skirt. You’re good to go!

For Little Ones

17. Pillowcase Dress

The ultimate DIY baby dress, this pillowcase dress is easy to make and so precious. Sew Sweet Pattern’s tutorial shows you how to make one from an actual pillowcase (as they were traditionally made, hence the name), but you can also make one out of your favorite cotton fabric.

 18. Onesie Dress

Has your little lady gotten too tall for her onesies? Upcycle those bad boys by making one of these easy onesie dresses which uses the top of the onesie and allows you to add your own custom skirt. Such a cute a clever way to get a few more miles out of those onesies!

 19. Play-All-Day Dress

This adorable girl’s dress is simply made and comfy enough for all-day play. This step-by-step from It’s Always Autumn will show you how to make one. It’s so cute, you’ll want one for yourself!

 20. Baby Circle Skirt

A circle skirt can be made in any size, even teeny tiny ones! This baby circle skirt can be assembled quickly and is a great way to dress up a plain onesie or shirt. Or, make a few and give them as a shower gift!

 21. Square Circle Skirt

A square circle? No, it’s not a philosophical paradox, it’s a circle skirt made of squares. Still confused? Let Make It & Love It straighten things out. Once you see this pattern breakdown, you’ll be like, “Oh, a square circle skirt!” Then you’ll make a bunch because they’re so cute.

 22. Tiny Tank Dress

This tiny tank dress is such a cute sundress for summer. This tutorial is also a good introduction to using binding or bias tape. Don’t worry, it’s easier than it looks!

 23. Cross Back Romper

How adorable is this little romper? All, that’s how much. Make this super comfy sunsuit so your little one can romp in style.

 24. Leggings

Have you ever wondered if you can actually make leggings for your little one? You totally can! This DIY shows you how to make your own using an existing pair as a pattern. Psssst! The same process can be applied to adult-sized leggings, just FYI!

 25. Basic Shorts

You can also create your own little pair of homemade shorts for your baby boy or girl. Grab a pair of shorts that fit well, use them as a pattern, and get to cutting and stitching. Peek-A-Boo Pages will show you how to make it happen.

Sewing beginners, you too can create totally cute, handmade garments!

Any seasoned sewer will tell you, don’t be intimidated by a pattern. Just take it one step at a time, allow yourself to make mistakes, and be patient. Before you know it, you’ll be sewing like a pro.

Which of our top 25 patterns will you try first? Share with us in the comments section!

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