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By Terra on 08/21/2017

How to Attach a Folded Label

How to Attach a Folded Label

Adding a folded label to your project is as easy as choosing the best location and taking one measurement. They are most often attached within a seam and can be added to almost any beginner's o intermediate sewing project. Follow these simple steps and take your next project to the next branding level with a beautiful folded logo label.

In our post about folded labels, we not only want to highlight the versatility and aesthetics of these small details, but also draw attention to other creative projects that can expand your crafting skills. So, if you're interested in exploring more exciting projects involving different folded logo labels, be sure to check out our tutorial "Knit Guest Hand Towels for Bathroom". This project not only provides a fantastic opportunity to enhance your knitting skills but also creates practical and beautiful results for your home. Dive into the world of crafting and let our inspiring tutorials guide you to new creative heights!

“Folded labels are most often attached within a seam.”

The first step in attaching a folded label is to choose the location. For demonstration purposes we are sewing ours into a straight seam using two squares of fabric, although the same method applies no matter where you’re applying your label.

How to Attach a Folded Label

Place the label along the seam on the right-side of the fabric. Determine your seam allowance and make sure the top portion of the folded label is placed within this seam allowance.

How to Attach a Folded Label

Pin or baste the label in the chosen position so it doesn’t shift while sewing.

How to Attach a Folded Label

The top piece of fabric should be placed right-side down, on top of the label, just as you would when sewing a standard seam.

How to Attach a Folded Label

Sew a straight stitch using your predetermined seam allowance.

How to Attach a Folded Label

Press the seam and enjoy your work!

How to Attach a Folded Label

How to Attach a Folded Label

Writer: Terra

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