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By Wunderlabel on 09/01/2016

Frontier Millinery

Customer Spotlight: Frontier Millinery

Sometimes you come across something or someone that really moves you and leaves an impression. That is how we felt when we saw the beautiful handmade hats that Allison Lyndes from Frontier Millinery is creating. These gorgeous pieces are one-of-a-kind and truly a work of art. There is something so inspirational about hearing the story of someone who truly loves what they do and for Allison, hats are where it’s at. We are thrilled to be able to supply the labels and be associated with such a remarkable company! Introducing Frontier Millinery!

Frontier Millinery hats

Tell us about Frontier Millinery.

Costume and fashion have been a huge fascination for me, and when I was studying Theatre in college I took a millinery course. To say it ‘clicked’ is an understatement! Ever since then, I haven’t been able to keep hats off my mind (or my head). Frontier Millinery is where I take all my ideas and bits of inspiration and turn them into wearable creations. Hats bring me such joy whether in creating them, studying them, or wearing them, and I want to bring that joy to others too!

I create lots of pieces out of my own inspiration, but I also do quite a bit of custom work as well. I’ve had such fun clients, everyone from theatrical costume designers, to historical re-enactors, to cosplayers, to people just looking for a hat to wear everyday. (My hats have gone to some really fun events and places all over the world – I’m honestly a little jealous of them!) Every single client is different. Collaborating on custom work is the most rewarding challenge, and I enjoy the hard work of creating the perfect piece for each person. Someone once remarked that it was interesting watching customers choose hats from my booth at a large craft show. He said it was like watching people find their soul mates. That stuck with me! Now I often see my hats as little pieces of personalities – and sometimes those are ones I just haven’t met yet! It’s always so satisfying to create that perfect match between the person and the hat. My clients really are the heart and soul of Frontier Millinery.

Head band

What keeps you inspired to create?

My hands. I believe greatly in the integrity of using your hands to create. A life well-lived, for me, is all about having well-used hands. And since life is finite, there are only so many things I’ll be able to create in my lifetime – so I really strive to craft pieces I’m truly passionate about.

As for creative inspiration, you’d be surprised at what sparks my hats sometimes! We live in a pretty amazing world with potential all around us. I’ve always had a curious mind and an eye for detail, a little bit fascinated by everything. In making hats I get to play with art, mathematics, history, science, and more! I never know what will inspire me from project to project, but I always strive to create work that challenges me and drives me to new materials, techniques, and discoveries. I love to create one-of-a-kind pieces because it forever pushes me to continue thinking and learning. Though sometimes, of course, I find an inspiration I really enjoy and linger in a particular style (Art Deco is a recurring theme the last couple years), and sometimes I just want to make something fun and pretty! Studious or playful, I love it all.

Custom labels

What does labeling your handmade items do for your business?

It’s the perfect finishing touch! I want clients to see my label and know that I’ve worked meticulously on every part of their hat, right down to the last detail. A label acts as my signature when I release a piece into the world, and Wunderlabel makes that signature look professional and beautiful!

Luckily for us, Frontier Millinery has an Etsy shop! You can also check out all the eye candy on Facebook and Instagram. Or go to their website to find out more.

Thank you so much for sharing with us Allison!

Hat with feather

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