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By Terra on 19/09/2016

Customer Spotlight: Pacific Northwest Doe | Image

Customer Spotlight: Pacific Northwest Doe

Nothing says fall like a snuggly fleece blanket or a flannel scarf, am I right?  That’s where Shelsea comes in!  Shelsea is the power and brains behind Pacific Northwest Doe which offers these fall favorites with a few antler pendant necklaces thrown in for good measure. Pacific Northwest Doe is inspired by the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest and her handmade items are as cute as they are functional.  We love Shelsea’s positive attitude and as she puts it, “Your purchase is what keeps moms like me going and I thank you for that.”

We are thrilled to be the label provider for this small business and we are happy to introduce you to Pacific Northwest Doe!

Fleece baby blanket, handmade, etsy

Tell us about your shop Pacific Northwest Doe.

I've always been pretty crafty and there was a year where I was super broke and couldn't afford to buy everyone Christmas gifts, so I just started making things. Word got out about some scarves that I had made and I was asked to make more for friends and family to give as gifts. It kinda took off from there.

I'm a stay at home mom and I love being able to raise my boys while still being able to do something I love. I understand money doesn't grow on trees and I believe in quality at an affordable price, therefore I price all of my items way below average. I truly just enjoy making these things because let's face it, kids are expensive.

Fleece baby blanket, handmade, etsy

What keeps you inspired to create?

My family. My kids are always wanting to help me pick out designs and I love that because it gives me an idea of what kids are into. Also, the fact that so many people around me are having kids. I get to go to town on baby blankets and other handmade gifts. That's always fun!

Fleece baby blanket, handmade, etsy

What does labeling your handmade items do for your business?

Labeling my items does a lot. It makes me go from just another handmade item to a handmade item with a name. My label is bright so it stands out on my products and catches the eye. People remember me that way. Labeling gives me a professional look and it's easier for customers to come back when they can remember me.

Fleece baby blanket, handmade, etsy, antler necklace, beaded

You can find Pacific Northwest Doe on Facebook, Instagram and Etsy.

Thanks for sharing Shelsea!

Fleece baby blanket, handmade, etsy

Photo Credit: Shelsea Eney