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By Terra on 05/21/2018

Customer Spotlight: The Regal Wrap™

Customer Spotlight: The Regal Wrap™

“I am constantly in wonder and awe of my surroundings, whether it’s natural or industrial: color, shape, light, shadow; I see design in everything.”

To say we’re starstruck is an understatement, but not only because Kim Hawthorne from the hit U.S. television series Greenleaf has chosen Wunderlabel, but because she is on a mission to empower and inspire. Kim created The Regal Wrap™, ready to wear head wraps to, as she puts it, “connect with women and inspire us to remember just how powerful and invincible we are! All we have to do is use what God gave us!”

The Regal Wrap™ collection is absolutely stunning and Kim’s upbeat and can-do attitude is icing on the cake. Make sure to check out The Regal Wrap™ website - you’ll be so glad you did!

Customer Spotlight: The Regal Wrap™

Tell us about The Regal Wrap™ - how did you get started?

It’s funny because if you told me I would be a designer of ready-to-wear head wraps a year and a half ago I would have said, “Huh?” But, I started to recognize a need and I became obsessed with filling it. Whenever I’d post a pic of myself sporting a head wrap on social media my girlfriends would always share that they wish they knew how to tie a head wrap, or that theirs never looked good when they did tie it. Now, what they were liking on social media was the finished, successful version of a head wrap I’d tied. But what I was painfully aware of is that it took me at least 3 or more attempts to get it right. What if I could create an easy head wrap experience for fashion forward women on-the-go who want to wear stylish head wraps without all of the wrangling? And boom: my quest to create a pre-tied, fashionable, ready-to-wear head wrap was born.

Customer Spotlight: The Regal Wrap™

What keeps you inspired to create?

What doesn’t keep me inspired? I am constantly in wonder and awe of my surroundings, whether it’s natural or industrial: color, shape, light, shadow; I see design in everything. I once stopped my car and took a picture of a man painting a fire hydrant. I’ve been on this planet a long time and I’ve never seen a fire hydrant being painted. It’s the little things. And I appreciate them all! I think because of this perspective I’m never at a loss for creative ideas. In fact, I’m usually bombarded by so many that my head spins. I have so many ideas for The Regal Wrap™, I feel as if I’ve only executed 3% of what I see in my head.

Customer Spotlight: The Regal Wrap™

What does labeling your items do for your business?

My Regal Wraps™ are not finished until I sew the label on. It’s only then that I can look at it from all angles and give it a thumbs up or down. So, that label says, “This is my offering to the world. I’ve valued it enough to place my name is on it. I stand behind this product, brand and label.” To the customer it says, “Please accept this creation. It was made with love. Wear it with joy and ease. This brand was thought through. I value you.”

Customer Spotlight: The Regal Wrap™

I searched high and low for the perfect sized label with appropriate color and text selections. Pricing is of great importance to me as well. So I’m grateful to have found Wunderlabel. I’m able to execute my labels in my brand colors: pink, white and gold. And the little circular package tags add the perfect amount whimsy to my packaging. It’s important that my customers smile and giggle a little when they receive their Regal Wrap™. Wunderlabel helps me deliver delight!

Customer Spotlight: The Regal Wrap™

Check out The Regal Wrap™ shop to view all the gorgeous fabrics and styles available. The Regal Wrap™ can also be found on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @TheRegalWrap™. The lovely Kim Hawthorne can be found on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @TheKimHawthorne.

Thank you for sharing Kim!

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