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By Terra on 03/20/2017

How to Design Stickers with Text and Symbol | Image

How to Design Stickers with Text and Symbol

Wunderlabel stickers are a great way to make a big impact on a small budget.  Stickers can be used as a branding tool to customize standard items such as self made business cards, flyers, packaging or letterhead.  They are also popular for labeling school supplies and books.  We’ve even seen them embellish glass candle votives for weddings and goodie bags for birthday parties.  The sky really is the limit when it comes to using stickers.

Our stickers are laser printed using professional digital printing machines onto high quality decal paper which is then sealed to set the ink.  The result is a sticker with vivid color and a light eggshell sheen.  The stickers come in sheets and measure 30mm in diameter (approximately 1.18”).  Wunderlabel stickers can be applied to most smooth, non-porous surfaces.  To ensure long lasting stickers, do not expose them to water.

Let’s get started with how to design your own custom sticker with text and symbol!

For each step, you will need to click the drop down arrow to display your options.

Step 1 - Choose your sticker type  

Today we’re designing stickers with text and a symbol.  Once you’ve chosen the ‘With Text’ option, click SAVE.

Customer Stickers, Design Stickers, Branding

Step 2 - Choose the quantity

Quantities start at 50 pieces.  Choose the quantity needed and click SAVE.

Customer Stickers, Branding

Step 3 - Insert your text

There are 2 fields available for text.  The first field will display at the top of the sticker design and the second field will display at the bottom.  Once your text is complete and has been proofread, click SAVE.  You will see your text displayed on the sticker example on the right of your screen.

customized stickers, branding

Step 4 - Choose your symbol

We offer over 500 symbols to choose from!  Browse through the options and when you’ve found your favorite, click on your choice and then click SAVE.  You will see your symbol displayed on the sticker example.

customized stickers, branding

Step 5 - Choose your font

All of our fonts can be viewed on by clicking the Show All Fonts tab, or sort the fonts between the New, Popular, San-Serif or Serif tabs.  Choose your font and click SAVE.  You will see your font choice displayed on the sticker example on the right of your screen.

customized stickers, branding

Step 6 - Choose your background color

We offer 19 background colors to choose from!  Make your choice and click SAVE.  Your background color will now be displayed in the sticker example on the right of your screen.

customized stickers, branding

Step 7 - Choose your text color

Choosing the text color is the final step in the sticker design process.  Depending on the background color chosen, there may be some text color options blocked. The blocked colors are not available in combination with the background color you selected due to the low contrast for that color combination.  Choose your text color and click SAVE.

customized stickers, branding

Your sticker is now complete!

Review your completed sticker design in the example to ensure the design is as you want it and that there are no spelling mistakes.  Revise as needed, being sure to click SAVE after any changes.

At the bottom of the page, you have the option to choose Standard Delivery or Expedited Delivery.  The estimated delivery date of your order is also displayed in this area.

The Quantity, Unit Price and Total (excluding sales tax and shipping charges) are displayed to the right under your sticker example.  If you’d like to download the details of your design and pricing offer, click on the Download PDF-Offer icon.  If you are ready to proceed with your order click ADD TO CART.

customized stickers, branding

Proceed with the checkout steps.

Enjoy your stickers!