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By Wunderlabel on 01/24/2022

Eye-catching Labels

Eye-catching Labels: Get Inspired!

At Wunderlabel we see so many beautiful labels on a daily basis that we decided we need to share them with you. We want to show you not just eye-catching designs for handmade products but also for children’s clothing and pet accessories, as well as give you ideas for your logo. We have even included some designs with a vintage look.  
Get inspired by these unique Personalized Labels!

1. Exceptional Labels with Handmade Design: What Makes My Labels Unique?

A custom handmade label design is perfect for your unique and original product: Your customers won’t be able to resist! 
Our online design tool allows you to create beautiful handmade labels. Start designing the label of your dreams right away:  Play around with different styles, sizes, colors and frames to get the ideal result. Choose from several background colors, fonts and designs and combine them for a truly unique label. 
A personalized label is an excellent way to showcase your individuality and brand identity with a logo. Simply upload your logo to the configurator for a label that stands out from the rest. The online design tool will guide you through the process of creating your custom label. 

Eye-catching Labels2. Woven Labels with Your Logo

Our premium Woven  Labels with logo are finely woven and rich in detail. They are available as sew on or iron on. We have chosen some notable examples that show just how much the weaving machines can accomplish: Crisp reproduction of fine details, patterned backgrounds, simple color gradients.  But if your logo has “smudged” color gradients (i.e. the colors bleed into each other) then we recommend opting for our Printed Labels with Logo instead. 

Eye-catching Labels

In addition to standard colors, Wunderlabel also offers melange options and 4 sparkling colors. The melange yarns consist of two different shades of one color. This creates a very delicate shimmer and a particularly elegant look. Melange labels are soft and comfortable on the skin. Add a special touch with a sparkling text in silver, gold, red or blue. The sparkling yarn feels equally soft on the skin as the melange option.

Take a look at some of our larger labels that can also be sewn on as patches:  

Eye-catching Labels3. Printed Labels with Logo

Our silky and smooth Printed Labels with Logo are ideal for colorful designs: digital images with pronounced color gradients, logos in any Pantone shade and photographs.

Eye-catching LabelsTIP: If you don’t have a logo but still want unique labels then consider taking a pretty photograph for the label  background. It could be some artfully arranged products, a patterned surface or the view from your window.  Then just add your slogan, your name or simply “handmade” in a font of your choosing. A great example of this is the label with the dark background in the first picture. Doesn’t it look great?  

4. Pretty Labels with Eye-catching Backgrounds

This selection of printed logo labels shows that the possibilities with this type of printing truly are endless. Choosing the right colors is crucial if you want to grab your customers’ attention. 

Eye-catching LabelsThese cool labels with bold color combinations are sure to impress with their look and feel! They feel supple and soft, with smooth edges that are flexible and won't fray thanks to the heat cutting process. The bright colors, crisp digital print and durable finish make these labels a customer favorite.
A woven or printed label with a striking background is sure to be memorable.

5. Cute Labels for Children

Children love color and this is clearly reflected in label designs. A colorful motif  immediately draws the eye. 
Have a look at these exceptional labels and try picturing them on children’s clothing, sewn on the front of the garment or inside the collar. 
Of course the quality of the labels is also very important. Wunderlabel tags are comfortable against the skin and colorfast, and can mostly be washed at high temperatures (please note that care instructions vary from label to label). They will retain their shape wash after wash which is obviously a must when it comes to children’s items. 

The labels can be designed with a logo, name or symbol. 

Eye-catching Labels6. Stand-out Labels with Animal Motifs

Cute labels with animal motifs are loved by young and old alike. Does that sound like something for you? Then order your very own Printed Labels with Logo.  

Eye-catching LabelsIf you are going for the woven logo labels then there is a variety of shapes and sizes for you to choose from and the labels can be ordered as sew-on or iron-on. You will also find a number of folded label options in the online configurator to make sewing the tags on easier.

Eye-catching Labels7. Vintage Labels for a Special Touch

If you love vintage style then go for a vintage-inspired label that will make your products get noticed. Designs from the past evoke feelings of nostalgia and tug at our heartstrings.

Eye-catching Labels

Get your vintage look onto a printed satin label with logo, woven logo label or a hang tag.  

Here are some examples of vintage style hang tags. Anything goes with our interactive design tool: Choose a shape, upload a picture, rotate, move, resize,  mirror each element and much more. Why not design some paper hang tags for the next family gathering? 

Eye-catching LabelsWe hope that you can draw inspiration from this overview and get some ideas for your dream label to give your product the ultimate professional touch. 

Tip: Do you want to see how the labels look on homemade creations? Then check out the tutorials "Reusable Bowl Covers" and "Knit Dog Sweater".

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