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By Annabelle Short on 06/03/2016

What Fabrics Do Woven Labels Use?

What Fabrics Do Woven Labels Use?

If you have your own clothing or product line, custom woven labels are the best way to add a professional touch to your items and remind your customers of your brand. But with the variety of label options out there, how do you know which is the best one?

You can go the DIY route and print your own labels. However, custom ordered woven labels tend to look a little more polished and last longer through washes and wears. Unlike printed labels, woven labels actually use thread to weave or embroider your design into the fabric of the label. If you’re ordering large quantities, it could also end up being more cost effective than printing multiple batches of your own labels.

It's also important to know what fabric your self-sewn product is made of. An example of iron-on labels in use can be found in the post "How to Make a Skirt for a Child" and for a sewn-on label, check out the post "Sewing Tutorial: Toy Storage Bag"

Even in the niche category of woven labels, there are a few different choices. Today, we’ll give you a quick rundown of the types of fabrics used in woven labels and the characteristics of each so you can determine which one is best for you.

Things to Consider

Before you learn about the different woven labels that are available, there are a few elements to consider. Price can play a role in deciding which one is best for you, so ask yourself a few questions.

Why are you using labels?

You might just want to add a finishing touch to your items with your business name, or you may want to include your specific logo to prominently promote your brand. Some labels show designs elements more clearly than others.

Where are your labels going?

Do they need to be comfortable, or soft to the touch? Or do they need to be durable to stand up to a lot of wear and tear? Also, does your item have space to accommodate a label and, if so, what size should your label be to assure that it is seen but doesn’t get in the way? Where you label will end up can be a large determining factor.

How will you attach your label?

Will you sew them in or iron them on? Most custom label retailers offer both options, but sewn in labels tend to last longer and there’s little to no risk that they’ll ever come off. Woven labels are usually pre cut using heat or laser cutters that seal the edges and keep them from fraying which makes them easy to sew onto your item.

Now that we’ve asked the difficult questions, let’s look at the types of fabric used in woven labels.

Taffeta Woven Labels

These labels are made from woven polyester threads. Taffeta is a thicker, slightly stiffer fabric. The background of the design is made of taffeta, while damask threads make up the text and design. It is also typically priced a little lower than other options, so it’s a good economic choice.


  • Lower cost
  • Weave displays small text pretty clearly
  • Dries quickly, good for use in items that might get wet such as swim suits or towels
  • More background colors available than satin


  • Thick fabric feels scratchy/uncomfortable against skin
  • Not as durable as other fabrics such as satin and damask
  • Weave does not display artwork as clearly

Satin Woven Labels

Satin labels, made from woven satin polyester threads, are soft and shiny. They are recommended for items that need to be soft to the touch such as baby clothes. The text and design of a satin label is made with damask threads, but the background is the satin fabric which comes in limited colors. The luxurious look of satin labels is also great if you have vintage style pieces.


  • Soft feel
  • Shiny, luxurious look
  • Durable, stands up through washes and wear and tear
  • Great for vintage style pieces


  • Priced higher than tafetta
  • Low thread count means weave does not display design details as clearly
  • Limited background color choice


These are the most common clothing labels. Made from 100% polyester damask threads, they have the highest thread count which means they show small details of text and design better than other options making them great for customizing with your own logo. While these labels are priced the highest, they’re the best quality. They’re soft and durable, and they offer the best variety of color options.


  • High quality
  • Soft feel
  • Durable, color safe, will last through wear and tear and washes
  • Best display of details and text
  • Widest variety of color options


  • More costly

Each of these choices will provide you with label that will complete the look of your item. They’re a great way to add a bit of quality of your work and show where your pieces come from.

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