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By Terra on 02/12/2018

Hang Tag Cords and Ribbons

Hang Tag Cords and Ribbons

"We’re offering cords and ribbons which you can easily order in the configurator while you’re designing your hang tags."

It’s no surprise that our customers love to use hang tags to brand their makes. They are a great way to provide customers and potential customers with an array of information, plus they are easy to design and very affordable. That is a winning combination for small and large businesses.

One detail which may seem small but is actually very important when it comes to hang tags are the cords and ribbons which attach them. Some people choose to attach the hang tags using a tagging gun or pin, and some choose to attach them with cords or ribbons. We’re offering cords and ribbons which can be easily ordered in the configurator while you’re designing your hang tags.

The first option is a nylon hang tag cord with a plastic snap lock fastener. They are super durable and definitely designed to stay fastened which is important in a retail setting. Once the fastener is closed, it cannot be opened again. The cord itself has a nice sheen and is the perfect length for hanging hang tags. Need a longer cord? No problem! Our snap lock cords can be locked together to create one long cord. Or link multiple cords together to create a chain. They are available in black, white, orange and dark blue.

Hang Tag Cords and Ribbons

The second option is 100% polyester satin hang tag ribbons. They are super are soft and flexible and have beautiful sheen to them.  They easily fit the punched hole of our hang tags and the length is ideal for attaching with a knot, bow or pin. They are available in black or white.

Hang Tag Cords and Ribbons

If you’re not sure which option is best for your application, customer service is always available to help!

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