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By Annabelle Short on 11/02/2016

Health Benefits of Sewing

Health Benefits of Sewing

Here are 16 reasons why sewing is good for you by Wunderlabel!

Health Benefits of Sewing

Your grandmother always knew it, but now it’s official: sewing is good for your health. Just like other activities that make us feel relaxed, calm, happier and less stressed, studies have shown that sewing, knitting, crafting and creating DIY projects is good for you. Here are 16 reasons why:


  • It’s Exercise for Your Brain: Our brain needs regular exercise to stay sharp and to be in good working condition. Sewing helps keep our brain active and moving.
  • It’s a Break from Routine Thoughts: On average people have around 60,000 thoughts in a day. Unfortunately, 80% of them are negative and 95% of them repeat day after day. Creating something distracts the brain from its usual thoughts and helps it focus on something positive.
  • It Lowers the Risk of Dementia: Sewing improves your creativity and might even lower your risk of dementia.
  • It Enhances Creative Thinking: Sewing also helps your brain exercise creative thinking, giving you the chance to come up easier with solutions in other areas of life.
  • It Helps Your Brain Grow New Neurons: Mental deterioration is attributed to the lost connection between neurons. The creative thinking required by sewing actually improves your brain’s ability to grow new brain cells.
  • It Improves Mind and Body Coordination: Sewing, knitting and other activities that require concentration improve motor skills like hand and eye coordination.
  • It Aids Physical Ailments: Spending time on a hobby that you enjoy helps relieve multiple physical ailments, such as sleep trouble, back pain, fatigue and even indigestion.
  • It’s Good for your Heart and Blood Pressure: A study showed that a drop in heart rate of 11 beats per minute after participants finised sewing.They also experienced lower blood pressure and perspiration.


  • It Makes You Feel Happy: Sewing, along with crafting and various tasks, promotes the increase of dopamine in the brain, which is responsible for making us feel happier.
  • It’s a Great Therapeutic Activity: Sewing, like other therapeutic activities, relaxes and calms your mind. It can help with depression and substance withdrawal.
  • It Reduces Anxiety: By decreasing negative emotions and thought and increasing positive ones, sewing can help with anxiety.
  • It Gets You into “Flow”: Psychologists call it “flow” and some believe is the secret to happiness. When people get completely absorbed by an activity they lose track of time and their focus peaks.
  • It Improves Your Patience: In this era of shorter attention spans, activities like sewing, which require a lot of patience and special attention to details, help us become more patient in our day to day lives.


  • You’ll Meet People with Similar Interests: When it comes to our happiness, connecting with others is a must. Sewing gives you the opportunity of people with the same interest.
  • You’ll Share Something with the World: Creating something that reflects yourself and sharing it with the world is rewarding and benefits everyone!
  • You’ll Contribute Rather than Consume: If you need a break from consumerism (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) sewing can provide that release.

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