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By Wunderlabel on 07/02/2024

How to Attach Leather Labels

How to Attach Leather Labels to Clothing

Leather labels - either made of faux leather or genuine leather - are a stylish and durable way to enhance clothing and accessories. But how do you apply them correctly? In this guide, you will learn step-by-step how to apply leather labels to your products, what methods are used, and what to look out for. We also show you some examples of custom labels: Be inspired by our engraved tags (not embossed) with brand logos, simple texts and even a QR code, applied onto sewn, crocheted and knitting items.

Methods for Applying Custom Leather Labels

There are several ways of attaching personalized leather labels to clothing and accessories. The most common methods are sewing, hanging, attaching with leather rivets or special screws. Find out which is best for your knit and crochet items, and what the options are for handmade items and apparel. 

Sew-on Labels

Sewing on is traditionally done by hand with a needle and thread. Both real leather and synthetic leather tags can be ordered with pre-punched holes to make attaching them by hand a breeze. You can also use a sewing machine and stitch all around the leather label tag or just on two opposite sides. 

  • How: Manually with needle and thread or with a sewing machine.

  • Where is it suitable? Suitable for thicker fabrics such as jeans or leather jackets.

  • Pros: Very secure hold, precise placement.

  • Cons: Can be time-consuming, especially for larger production runs or genuine leather labels that tend to be thicker.

Affixing with sewing machine:

Attach leather labels - Affixing with sewing machine

How to Attach Leather Labels to Clothing

Affixing by hand:

How to Attach Leather Labels to Clothing

How to Attach Leather Labels to Clothing

Hanging Leather Tags

Specially perforated leather hang tags can be used for hanging with a metal ring or by threading a ribbon or string through the hole. 

  • How: A small hole is laser-cut at the top of the personalized tag for ribbon or string to be passed through.

  • Where it works: Particularly good for accessories such as bags, also suitable for attaching to a key ring. 

  • Pros: Easy and quick to apply, nice decorative detail.

  • Cons: Limited use, not suitable for clothing. Not available in imitation leather.

leather labels - key ring pendant

With Leather Rivets or Chicago Screws 

You can attach the leather labels with rivets or decorative screws such as Chicago screws. 

  • How: Bend the label in half. Then insert the leather rivet or screw through the holes at both ends.

  • Where is it suitable? Suitable for thicker and stiffer items such as jeans, leather jackets and handbags. Also ideal for knitwear such as sweaters, hats, scarves and shawls, and crochet projects.

  • Pros: Strong fastening method, gives garments a decorative and trendy look.

  • Cons: Clothing tags that have been fastened with leather studs cannot be removed. 

Leather labels - attach with screws & rivets

Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of durability, aesthetics and application. The choice of fastener depends on a number of factors, including the base fabric, the design of the label and the desired look.

Where to Apply Leather Labels onto Garments and Accessories

Placing personalized custom leather clothing labels requires careful consideration to optimize their aesthetic impact and functionality.


  • T-shirts: Neck, sleeve or bottom hem for discreet placement.

  • Shirts: Also in the neck area or on the bottom hem for a discreet finish.

  • Sweaters: As a loop around the hem for a subtle and stylish presentation.

  • Shirts: At the neck, on the breast pockets and in the side seam on the left side.


  • Skirts: At the waist or on the side seam for a personal touch

  • Pants: At the waist, on the pockets.


  • Hats: In a conspicuous place, e.g. on the brim or on the front for a recognizable mark.

  • Scarves: At one end to complement the style.

Adding a leather tag, patch or label adds a touch of elegance and individuality to any textile item, while the rivets add a trendy and sturdy look. Choosing the right method depends on the type of garment, the desired hold and aesthetic preference. Whether sewn or riveted, each method has its own specific advantages and will ensure that your leather label stays securely and stylishly attached to clothing and other items.

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