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By Wunderlabel on 07/21/2020

How to Sew a Pencil Case

How to Sew a Pencil Case

Great for school, college or the office: A pencil case is the perfect way to store your pens, small office accessories and even make-up. It doesn’t take up much space and stops small items from getting lost in your handbag or backpack. And this rectangular pencil case is super easy to make with the Wunderlabel Pencil Case Sewing Pattern!

Let us show you how to make your own in just a few steps with our pencil case free pattern. Customize the fabric and materials for an elegant, glamorous, cute or playful design. Add a matching label to embellish your self-made pencil case and give it a professional finish. This case will also make a perfect present for when school starts.

Our finished pencil case measures 10 ¼” x 3 ⅓” x 2”.
Let’s get started!


You will need the following for your pencil case DIY project:

  • Patterned fabric for the outside of the pencil case and the lining
  • A 13” zipper, or zipper tape and a matching zipper pull
  • Interfacing – we used Decovil Light interfacing, but you could substitute with another firm non-woven interfacing
  • Thread in a matching colour
  • personalized leather label

Tutorial: How to Sew a Pencil Case

Cut your fabric – you will need two pieces of each fabric to sew your rectangular pencil case, both measuring 13” x 6”. We are using the blue fabric for the outside of our pencil case and the white fabric for the lining. You also need to cut two rectangles the same size from your interfacing.

How to Sew a Pencil Case

Interface your fabric by ironing it to the wrong side of the fabric you’re using for the outside of your pencil case. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for ironing time and temperature. If using zipper tape, thread the zipper pull onto the tape. Sew the open ends of the zipper together with a zigzag stitch to stop them moving around.

How to Sew a Pencil Case

Place the zipper right side up on top of a piece of lining fabric, also right side up. Place a piece of outer fabric right side down on top of this, sandwiching the zipper in between the two pieces of fabric. Line up the edges and pin together – you could also use clips, or better still some double-sided tape to hold the zipper in place.

How to Sew a Pencil Case

Using a zipper presser foot on your sewing machine, sew the zipper sandwich together. Use a seam allowance of ¼” – you’ll need to stop part way with the needle in the fabric to wriggle the zipper pull past the presser foot.

How to Sew a Pencil Case

Press both pieces of fabric away from the zipper and topstitch close to the seam. Again, you’ll probably need to stop part way to move the zipper pull to the other end of the zip.

How to Sew a Pencil Case

Repeat the process with the other two pieces of fabric on the other side of the zipper. Topstitch this side too.

How to Sew a Pencil Case

Line up the long raw edges of all four pieces of fabric with the outer fabric right sides together. Sew together with a seam allowance of  ⅜” . Finish the edge of the seam to stop it fraying, either by using pinking shears or by overlocking the edge.

How to Sew a Pencil Case

Flatten the pouch out, so that both ends of the zipper are directly over the seam with the lining fabric outwards. Open your zipper half way – this is important, as otherwise you won’t be able to turn your pencil case the right way out when you’re finished! Sew across both ends with a seam allowance of ⅜”. Again, finish the seam with pinking shears or overlocking.

How to Sew a Pencil Case

Flatten out one end of the pouch, lining up the side and the end seam. Draw a line across the corner, perpendicular to the end seam. Your line should be 2” long, with the central seam right in the middle of the line. Repeat for the other corner and sew along both lines. Finish the seams as before, cutting off the extra triangle of fabric.

How to Sew a Pencil Case

Repeat the process to box the other end of the pouch and then turn the pouch the right way out.

And last but not least, attach a pretty leather label as a finishing touch. You have now completed the pencil case DIY project!

How to Sew a Pencil Case

We hope that you enjoyed our Pencil Case Sewing Tutorial! Show us your creation on Instagram using #wunderlabel. We look forward to seeing how you did!

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