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By Wunderlabel on 01/31/2022

Knitted Headband with Twist

Knitted Headband with Twist: Free Tutorial

This knitted headband with a twist is a beautiful addition to your winter wardrobe. The advantage of knitting a headband yourself is that you get to choose the width. Today we will be showing you a wider band that fully covers the ears and still looks stylish. Choose yarn in your favourite colours and get started with our How to Knit a Headband with a Twist free tutorial.  

What is a twist headband and how do you twist it correctly?

A twist headband is a knitted headband that is twisted at the front. This twist in a knitted headband is achieved by sewing the ends together in a certain way. You can find more details in the instructions below in the twisted headband tutorial.

How many stitches should I cast on for a twist headband with a head circumference of 58 - 59 cm?

To knit a DIY twisted headband for a head circumference of 58 - 59 cm, cast on 37 stitches if the yarn is not too thick (approx. 50 g / 150 cm).

You will need the following for this twisted headband knitting pattern:

- 100 g soft yarn (50 g / 150 m)
- Knitting needles no. 3 
- Tapestry needle
- Your own handmade label

Twisted Headband Tutorial

Beginners will find it easier to knit vertically. See the first picture.  

Step 1. Cast on 37 stitches.

Step 2. Now you can simply knit the rows back and forth until your band reaches a length of 56 cm. The best thing about this design is that you can adapt the pattern to suit your taste and skill level. You can simply knit all the stitches in both rows or alternate knitting and purling to get a rib pattern.  But we would like to suggest a more interesting variation. If you knit according to this pattern, the ribs (marked green in the picture) will be particularly pronounced.

Twisted Ear Warmer Knit Pattern

Knitted Headband with Twist

Knitting Chart Symbols:



Repeat the pattern until the headband reaches a width of 56 cm.   

Knitted Headband with Twist

Tip:  Regardless of which pattern you have chosen for your knitted headband with twist, it is best to slip the first stitch of each row instead of knitting it. And the last stitch of every row should be purled. This creates a perfect border that doesn’t curl in.  

Step 3. Cast off the stitches.

Step 4. Fold both ends in the middle and bring the edges opposite each other together to form a sandwich. You should end up with four edges lying next to each other. 

Knitted Headband with Twist

Step 5. Sew the edges together to form the twist.  

Knitted Headband with Twist

Step 6. Embellish your headband with a Wunderlabel tag for that special finishing touch!

Knitted Headband with Twist

A knitted headband with a twist also makes a lovely present! Don’t forget to add some personalized stickers to the packaging. 

Knitted Headband with Twist

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