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By Wunderlabel on 04/04/2022

Mother’s Day Pillow

Knitting Tutorial: Mother’s Day Pillow

What can you give the best mom in the world for Mother's Day to show her how much she means to you? We have a wonderful idea: Knit a heart shaped Mother’s Day pillow for her.  Our free tutorial is suitable even for complete beginners. 

You will need the following for your Mother’s Day pillow:

- 100 g fluffy yarn in pink, (Length: 100 g / 100 m)
- Leftover yarn in white for the edge
- 30 g filling
- Knitting Needles (size 6)
- Crochet hook
- Sewing needle
- Handmade Label

What type of yarn do you use for a heart throw pillow?  

A soft and fluffy yarn made from synthetic fibers is best for knitting a heart throw pillow. The yarn should ideally be chunky and bulky (min. needle size 6).  One advantage of synthetic yarns such as acrylic, polyamide or polyester is that they are hard-wearing, i.e. they retain their color and shape even after many washes. 

How do you knit a Mother’s Day pillow? 

The heart shape can be knitted from top to bottom or bottom to top. In this tutorial we will show you the first option, knitting from the widest part down to the tip. The heart is made up of two parts that will be knitted separately then transferred onto one needle.  

How to Knit a Heart Pillow

You will need two balls of yarn to knit a heart pillow.  
The pillow consists of two identical pieces that are knitted in stockinette stitch and then sewn together. You have to start each heart shape with two separate pieces: cast on 8 stitches each for this and increase by 2 stitches in every second row (add a stitch to the second and penultimate stitches of the row) until the stitch count on each piece reaches 20. Now transfer both knitted pieces to a single knitting needle and then knit them as one fabric.

Mother’s Day Pillow

 After you’ve joined the two pieces together the number of stitches stays the same for the first 4 rows.  Then you will start decreasing by two stitches every other row (stitch two together at the beginning and at the end of the row). The last three stitches are then knitted together. 

Knit the second heart shape exactly the same way and then sew the two hearts together.  Don’t forget to leave a small opening so that you can fill the pillow. You can then finish sewing.  

Mother’s Day Pillow

But a plain pillow looks a bit boring. To give your creative project the finishing touch, you can embroider your DIY heart pillow or simply crochet the border with the white yarn.

Mother’s Day Pillow

To turn your heart shaped throw pillow into a true statement of love, personalize it with a Wunderlabel leather label or a hang tag!  

Mother’s Day Pillow

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