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By Wunderlabel on 04/23/2024

Laundry Label Production

Laundry Label Production Process

Curious how Laundry Labels are made? Laundry labels (care labels) are produced so that consumers know how to care for their clothes properly by means of washing instructions and care symbols. As a manufacturer of laundry labels, Wunderlabel believes it is important to educate its customers how the production of laundry labels actually works.
During the production of printed care labels, the designs are printed onto the label material using specialized printing machines. In contrast, woven care labels are created on weaving machines that intertwine threads to form the desired patterns. Both processes start with the careful selection of high-quality materials.

Material selection for Laundry Labels

Cotton, polyester, Tyvek or nylon are typical materials for label production and suitable for clothing. They are durable and machine washable. Wunderlabel offers laundry labels made from 100% recycled materials. The woven labels with care symbols are also OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified. The composition of the material depends on the type of garment and the specific requirements of the customer.

Printing and cutting of Laundry Labels

Most manufacturers print laundry labels on a roll using various printing methods: screen printing, digital printing, thermal transfer printing, foil printing or offset printing. Wunderlabel uses two machines in the printing process: a printing machine and a cutting machine. The printing machine prints the roll with the design supplied by the customer and marks where the labels should be cut with a black line.  Some manufacturers also offer folding using special folding machines.

Weaving process for Laundry Labels

The production of woven labels is carried out on weaving machines using digital designs. Special software allows the creation of complex patterns and designs. The weaving machines then implement the digital designs. They are equipped with high-precision controls that can monitor and control every movement of the weaving process. After weaving, the cutting machine finishes the labels with a hot cut that seals the ends of the label.

Quality Control

Before shipping, labels often undergo rigorous quality control to ensure they are printed, cut and folded correctly. This may include visual inspections as well as tests for washability and durability.

Packaging and shipping

Once the labels have passed quality control, the manufacturer will usually ship them to customers in appropriate packaging. This can be loose in boxes or in rolls for easier handling, especially when automatically applied to garments.
The manufacture of laundry labels can be challenging, but is critical to the quality and reliability of the end product. Advanced technology, regulatory requirements and stringent quality controls ensure that manufacturing processes are efficient and accurate. This means that Wunderlabel not only produces products such as laundry labels, but also helps consumers to be responsible with their textiles. Wunderlabel ensures that the labels are always of high quality by using premium materials, intelligent designs and careful testing in production. This is how we keep our promise to make excellent products that our customers love.