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By Wunderlabel on 04/11/2022

Macrame for Beginners

Macrame for Beginners - How to Make a Macrame Organizer

Macrame is back in fashion! Knotting techniques are not difficult to master, you just need a little time and patience to make original unique pieces. We will be making a macrame organizer with a simple knot which means this creative project is the ideal macrame for beginners.  You can use the wall organiser to store different household items, e.g. hairbrushes and combs. Watch the video tutorial or simply use our free macrame instructions. This is perfect for macrame ideas for beginners!

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" style="position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

What type of yarn is best for macrame? 

The choice of yarn is paramount in macramé projects. The result can be different depending on the yarn you use, so it is a good idea to experiment with different types- nylon thread, leather cord or different cotton yarn weights - to see which one works best for your project. The stronger the yarn, the chunkier your project will look. For small jewelry items you can use a thin leather cord, while wall hangings, hanging baskets, bags or organizers will look better in cotton so that the knots are more pronounced. 

What color should I choose for my macrame DIY project? 

The choice of color for your macrame project is entirely up to you. Opt for the classic white or brown, or make a brightly coloured piece. You can find plenty of macrame ideas for beginners online to inspire you!

Materials for your macrame DIY organizer

- Macrame yarn 3 mm
- Wooden or plastic ring
- Measuring tape
- Scissors
- Personalized leather label

Macrame Tutorial - Beginner

The finished macrame organizer will measure appr. 13 x 29 cm.

Step 1. Cut 30 pieces of cord, each measuring 180 cm.
Step 2. Fold each cord in half. 
Step 3. Attach two of the cords to the ring with a lark’s head knot.

Macrame for BeginnersStep 4. Start knotting. Lay the left thread in a loop to the right over all the other strings. Now put the rightmost cord over the cord coming from the left and bring it forward under the other cords through the loop that has been created. Pull the knot upwards by the two outer cords.

Macrame for BeginnersIn order to form a knot you need to repeat the process again with some small changes. To do this, pass the left outer thread under all the other threads to the left. Place the rightmost cord under this cord and pass it over all the other cords through the resulting loop. 

Macrame for Beginners

Step 5. Insert a thread on the left side: knot a thread folded in half with two left threads. 

Macrame for Beginners

Step 6. Insert a thread on the right side: knot a thread folded in half with two right threads. 

Macrame for Beginners

Step 7. Insert one thread on the left side, knot the next four threads together, insert one thread on the right side.

Macrame for Beginners

Step 8. Insert the remaining threads on the left and right whilst continuing to knot the threads of the rows in a checkered pattern. 

Macrame for Beginners

Step 9. Cut 6 more cords measuring 100 cm each and make three knots. 

Macrame for Beginners

Step 10. Fold the edges inwards and add three new knots: knot them together and with the outermost threads on the left and right as before.

Macrame for BeginnersMacrame for Beginners

Step 11. Continue to work in circles. It's up to you how deep your organizer will be. 
Step 12. Finally, knot the threads from both sides together very tightly and cut them off.

Macrame for Beginners

Step 13. Turn the piece inside out.

Macrame for Beginners

Step 14. Personalize your organizer with a custom leather label!

You can turn this macramé organizer into a shoulder bag. To do this, simply make a strap with the same knot or a braid and attach it to the sides of the bag.

Macrame for Beginners

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