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By Wunderlabel on 12/19/2022

One Size Labels

One Size - More Than a Clothing Size

You've probably come across the term "one size" or "one size fits all" in stores or online. But what does "One Size" mean? Literally translated, "One Size" means "one size fits all".
Is there really such a thing as one size fits all? Find out more in this article.

One Size - The Clothing Size that Fits Everyone?

We all know what size we wear and buy our clothes accordingly. So what exactly is “One Size” about? Even with normal sizes, it can be difficult to find the perfect fit because we all have different proportions. So how can there be one size that fits all? The term is mostly used for accessories, e.g. bags. But there are also one size dresses and tops. These are mostly pieces with stretch or that are not fitted.

What Does One Size Mean?

One Size stands for “one size fits all” and is often abbreviated to "OS" on clothing labels. This simply means that the product is only available in one size. The manufacturer wants to indicate that the buyer's clothing size and body measurements are irrelevant for the item, such as with scarves and shawls, or that the product should fit everyone.

How Is One Size Determined? 

One Size is actually an average size and not a universal fit. For example, instead of three sizes S, M and L, manufacturers only produce size M. The statement "one size fits all" is somewhat misleading, as only people whose clothing size is within this average can wear the clothes well. So, one size doesn't fit all! A much better description: One Size Fits Most. Even if you fit into the garment, it doesn't mean it looks flattering or fits comfortably. Imagine a one size poncho: It will cover less on a taller person, but probably fits too loosely on a shorter person.

Which common clothing items are available in One Size?

One size is good for accessories, especially bags, jewelry and scarves. Adjustable caps can also be labeled One Size with no problem. Hats and gloves are not usually made in different sizes and are sold as “one size”. Because they are usually made of knitwear or stretchy materials, the designation one size fits all actually applies in most cases.
For clothes made of stretch fabrics, and products that look good both oversized and tighter fitting (e.g. sweaters or cardigans), you will also frequently find an "OS" label. Other clothes like T-shirts, blazers and pants are typically offered in a range of sizes, as fit is important with these items.
One Size clothing can often be found in summer wardrobes: one size jumpsuits, jeans, overalls, socks and hats, among others.

Wunderlabel’s One Size Labels 

Let your customers know if it's a one size or a standard clothing size with a size label.
Wunderlabel offers a wide range of woven size labels for babies, toddlers and adults as well as "One Size" and "One Size Fits All" labels.

To make things easier for you, we also offer sets with different size indications (for example, a set with S, M and L). And if you're selling abroad and aren't sure how to label your items for different countries, check out the guide "International Size Charts - Quick Size Conversion" on our blog.

What clothes have you spotted with a One Size label? Write to us or send us a picture with it on Instagram or Facebook. :)

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