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By Terra on 04/09/2018

How to Order Logo Labels - A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Order Logo Labels - A Step-by-Step Guide

"Ordering your very own custom logo labels has never been easier."

Ordering your very own custom logo labels has never been easier. The configuration tool on our website will walk you through the steps and the result is label which is truly your own. Whether you decide to use your labels for your own clothing or any other handmade item, we feel confident that we have the perfect label for your application. Still not sure about what you need? No problem, our customer service staff is always ready to help!

Step by Step Towards the Label of your Dreams

Ordering labels from Wunderlabel is a piece of cake! The online design tool takes you through all the available options and guides you through the design process. Watch this video to see the different steps. Have fun getting creative!  

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How to Order Logo Labels - A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Order Wunderlabel Woven Labels with your Logo


Choose your desired label type. There are 9 styles to choose from.


Using the scroll bar, select the length and height for your label design. Please confirm that your logo design is compatible with the size you have chosen and that you have taken seam allowance into account. A downloadable label template is available in step 2 should you need it.


Simply choose your required quantity.


Step 4.1

Choose the number of yarn colors being used in your logo. Include the base (background) color of your label in this count.

Step 4.2

The first yarn color to be chosen in the dropdown list is the base (background) color of your label. Each additional color chosen represents the colors in your artwork or logo.

Example: Your design is a blue label with an orange balloon and black string.

In step 4.1 you choose 3 Threads/Colors: (1) for the blue background + (1) for orange + (1) for black.

In step 4.2, the first drop down color will be blue for the label background, then choose orange and black for the balloon artwork.

Step 5 - TAFFETA

If you choose to have taffeta edging on your labels, make that selection here.

Taffeta edging is ¼ inch (6mm-7mm) of extra durably woven material which is added to the sides of your label. This edging is used to sew in your label, keeping the original size of your label visible.

If you decide to go with a label without the taffeta edging, please allow a space of 3/16 inch (4mm) to sew in your label.

Image below: Label without taffeta on the left and label with taffeta on the right

How to Order Logo Labels - A Step-by-Step Guide


If your label design pairs a light or white background with dark or vibrant text the pure color option will weave an additional thread into the label to prevent the text or artwork from shining through the background color.


Drag your design into the box or click ‘Select File from Computer.’

Please note that your uploaded artwork should be the same size as the label you are ordering. Example: if you design a label with dimensions of 30x60mm, your artwork should be resized to 30x60mm as well. (see step 2)

If you choose a folded label and you’d like it to be double sided, your artwork must reflect that. If you don’t have the correct artwork, please note in your order that you want your label to be double sided and in what direction your logo should be facing on each side.

Your file must be in a JPG, JPEG, TIFF or PDF format.

A minimum resolution of 300 dpi is required which means at least 300 pixels/inch.


Please leave any comments or additional instructions for our design and product team in the field provided.

Review all your order details and click ADD TO CART.

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