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By Terra on 14/10/2016

Pom Pom Throw Blanket Tutorial | Image

Pom Pom Throw Blanket Tutorial

Fall is definitely in the air around here!  This quick and easy tutorial is just the thing you need to spruce up a plain old throw just in time for winter.  The combination possibilities are endless when it comes to color, size and quantity of the pom poms.  I envision my next blanket to be off-white with jumbo off-white pom poms.  It just might be the perfect DIY Christmas gift! Supplies Blanket or throw Sharp scissors Yarn Coordinating thread Sewing needle Start by determining how many pom poms you want to add to your blanket and big you want them.  Once you have that determined, start making your pom poms.  I wanted mine to be medium sized, so I wrapped the yarn around 3 of my fingers to obtain that size.  The more yarn you use the better because it will result in a full pom pom. diy pom pom throw blanket   Snip the end of the yarn and slip the bundle off of your hand taking care that the yard stays together.  Cut a length of yarn and tie it firmly around the center of the yard bundle. diy pom pom throw blanket   Pull the knot as tight as possible and trim off any excess yarn. diy pom pom throw blanket   Take your scissors and start snipping every loop of yarn.  Work your way around until all of the loops are cut. diy pom pom throw blanket   Once this step is completed, use your scissor to cut away any long strands of yarn and even out the round shape. diy pom pom throw blanket   Your pom pom is complete!  Once you have the number of pom poms you will need for your throw, determine where you would like to attach them.  I chose to attach a pom pom on each of the 4 corners of my blanket.  Use a coordinating thread to then sew each pom pom onto your blanket. diy pom pom throw blanket   Your new and improved throw blanket is complete!  What color combination are you going to try? diy pom pom throw blanket Save Save Save Save