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By Wunderlabel on 10/11/2021

Color printed vs standard printed labels

Printed Satin Labels Color vs. Printed Labels with Text & Symbol

You might have noticed when browsing our online shop that we offer many different products. In this blog post we want to explain the difference between our Printed Satin Labels Color and the Printed Labels with Text & Symbol. We hope that listing the difference will make it easier for you to pick the right product for your needs. 

Single Color Printed Satin Labels with Text and Symbol

If you need a label that is easy to design then our Printed Labels with text & symbol are just the thing for you. Many customers wanting name labels choose this product.

Wunderlabel offers these printed labels in different materials: 
-Satin polyester
-100% recycled satin polyester 
-100% recycled Tyvek

Single color printed labels

The printed satin labels with text and symbol are a little bit thinner than the color printed ones and have a shinier surface. The foil print ensures a crisp printing result.

To customize your satin labels you can add up to three rows of text in a color and font of your choice. One more advantage of this product is that the design can also be printed in silver or gold

As the name suggests, you can also add a symbol to this particular label. Simply choose one from our extensive selection to match your brand image and help draw customers to your business. The symbol can be placed right or left of your text. 
And for the final touch we offer a number of frames. This step is optional but a frame can really change the whole look of your label. 
There are also several label sizes to choose from but not as many as we offer for the color printed labels. 
Take a look at all the options by heading to the online design tool and create your personalized Wunderlabel satin label. 

TIP: If you need this type of label but with your own logo then simply go to our Printed Labels with your Logo. You will find these online in the category “Clothing Labels” under the heading “Logo Labels”.
They are made of the exact same material (satin polyester) as the Printed Labels with Text & Symbol. The sharp print is very well suited to very intricate and detailed designs. 

Printed labels with logo

Printed Satin Labels Color

Now let’s talk about the color printed satin labels. These labels are available in a heavy satin or imitation cotton. The digital printing method using sublimation ink makes this the perfect product for you if you need a choice of colors and photographic image quality. 

Printed labels (color)

The Wunderlabel online configurator allows you to design your very own color printed labels and you can use the interactive preview to perfect your design until you are happy with the result. 
There are decidedly more design options to choose from for these labels than the plain printed ones with text & symbol. Having so many color combinations at your disposal means that your label will be truly unique. Not only can you choose from a range of background colors, you can even choose from several different background patterns that we offer.
A big advantage of this product is that they are available in numerous sizes

You can find the options “QR Code” and “Upload” in our online configurator. Use the integrated QR generator to add a short text, a link or a logo as a QR code. Or choose to upload your logo in any color. 

To summarize, the Printed Labels with Text & Symbol can only be printed with one color while the Printed Satin Labels Color allows you to use a variety of colors. 

TIP: If you are looking for cotton labels then our blog post “Cotton Labels or Imitation Cotton” can help you find the right product for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to help! 

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