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By Wunderlabel on 07/03/2024

Production of Cotton Labels

Production of Cotton Labels

The production of cotton labels is a complex process that involves several steps. From raw material selection to final quality control and shipping, each stage plays a crucial role. As a manufacturer of cotton labels, we would like to share the process with you.

Material Selection

The first step in producing cotton labels is to choose the right materials. High quality cotton is particularly suitable as it is durable, skin friendly and a natural, environmentally friendly product. The cotton first arrives at the factory in large rolls. The manufacturer carefully inspects the goods and sorts out any defects.

Pre-treatment of the Fabric
Once the cotton has been selected, it is often pre-treated to prepare it for printing. This can be cleaning or a chemical treatment to smooth the surface of the cotton. This allows the fabric to absorb the ink more effectively.

Printing Process

Manufacturers produce cotton labels using a variety of printing processes including flexographic, thermal transfer and screen printing. This wide choice is strongly linked to the historical development of cotton labels and depends on the specific label design requirements.

Flexography is a flexible printing process that is particularly suitable for large print runs. It uses flexible printing plates mounted on rotating cylinders. Flexographic printing offers consistently high print quality, even for large print runs. 
Thermal transfer printing uses heat to transfer the printed image onto the cotton. It is ideal for short runs as designs can be changed easily and quickly. 
Screen printing is a traditional printing process that is particularly suitable for thick inks. It offers excellent opacity and is particularly suitable for color intensive designs.
Wunderlabel uses flexographic printing to print cotton labels. A water-based ink is used which has the OEKO-TEX® Oeko-Pass.

Finishing and Cutting

After printing and drying, the labels go through a series of processing steps. Special cutting machines first cut the cotton webs into strips and then into the final label size. After cutting, the labels can be folded using special folding machines if required. This is not only aesthetically pleasing, but can also make attaching the cotton labels to garments easier. 

Quality Control

Quality assurance is an integral part of the production process. Each batch of labels is carefully inspected for print quality and material defects. Modern quality assurance systems use both visual inspection by trained personnel and automated machines.

Packaging and Shipping

After successful quality control, we pack the labels. Careful, environmentally friendly packaging is essential to protect the labels from damage during transport. Finally, the labels are either shipped directly to the end user or to an intermediary, depending on the customer's requirements.