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By Wunderlabel on 06/12/2024

Production of Personalized Labels

Production and Printing Techniques of Personalized Labels

In today's world of individuality and customization, the production of personalized labels is becoming increasingly important. These labels not only convey information, but also add a personal touch to products. They offer a wide range of applications - from brand identity and promotional purposes to special occasions and gifts. 
In this context, label manufacturers such as Wunderlabel recognize the importance of personalized labels. They are adapting the production process by using advanced printing technologies and offering flexible designs. This allows them to quickly and efficiently produce customized labels in small or large quantities. The production processes for woven and printed labels are very different. Let us take a closer look at these differences.

Woven Labels

Woven labels have a long history and are a popular choice for personalized clothing labels due to their durability and ability to faithfully reproduce complex designs and colors. Wunderlabel offers customers numerous design options in its online configurator to further customize the labels, such as mounting holes, iron-on option and the Pure Color option. 
A special feature is the damask weave, in which the looms weave the high quality polyester yarns over and under each other in a fixed pattern to create the desired design. 
This production process allows for the precise and detailed display of logos, brand names and care instructions on labels.

Printed Labels

Wunderlabel uses a variety of printing processes in the production of personalized labels. These include digital printing, flexographic printing, foil printing and thermal printing. Each of these printing processes has its own characteristics and advantages.

Digital Printing

Digital printing requires no plates or special equipment. Inkjet printers or digital presses apply ink precisely and quickly to the material of personalized labels, allowing for complex designs and personalized information. This type of printing is very flexible because design changes can be made easily and inexpensively. Digital printing is ideal for short to medium runs of personalized labels. 

Flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing uses a rotating printing plate and roller to print on the label material. A stencil containing the desired design is applied to the printing plate. The roller first rolls the plate through an ink reservoir and then onto the material. This transfers the ink to the label. Flexographic printing is cost-effective and a great way to produce a large number of labels quickly and easily. It is particularly suitable for long runs. 

Foil Printing

Foil printing, also known as hot stamping, uses heat and pressure to apply a foil directly to the material of personalized labels. This process creates shiny, metallic or holographic effects on the labels, giving them a luxurious and special look. Foil stamping is ideal for medium to large print runs.

Thermal Printing

Thermal printing also uses heat, but unlike foil printing, it is a direct printing process. The ink is applied directly to the label without the need for an additional foil. This method requires special thermal transfer printers and thermal transfer ribbons that generate heat. Thermal printing is fast, easy, and ideal for printing barcode labels, product labels, and variable information such as price tags and lot numbers. This type of printing is ideal for small to medium print runs. 

Laser Engraving 

This process uses a laser beam to engrave the desired design directly into the label material. The result is durable and detailed etchings that provide a high quality and professional appearance. Wunderlabel offers a variety of materials for laser engraving: In addition to genuine leather and faux leather, Wunderlabel also offers "WunderPap". WunderPap is made of waterproof paper and looks like leather after washing. With the elegant and high quality look of real leather, the sustainability aspect of artificial leather or the waterproof properties of WunderPap, there is a product to suit every customer. 

The Importance of Personalized Labels

Choosing the optimal production and printing technique for personalized labels is critical to the success of any business. Whether woven labels or printed labels, each process offers its own advantages. All methods offer multiple options for creating vibrant & precise designs and attaching personalized labels to garments. Wunderlabel uses all of the above techniques to achieve the best possible results on a variety of products.