By Terra on 20/09/2018

Quick and Easy Towel Hair Wrap

Quick and Easy Towel Hair Wrap


"Bright colors and patterns would be so cute for this project!"

  Give your daily routine a spa-like feel by making this simple towel hair wrap. For a perfect fit, test out the dimensions by wrapping the towel around your head before you make your template. We used a simple grey towel for our wrap but bright colors and patterns would be so cute for this project!  

You will need:

A bath towel, measuring at least 100cm x 70cm / 39 x 28 in 15cm / 6 in of 1.25cm / ½in wide elastic Thread in a matching color A roll of paper or large sheet of cardstock to make a template   Finished dimensions: 30cm x 90cm / 12 x 36in   First, make your template – it needs to be a wedge shape, which should be 90cm / 36in along the bottom and 30cm / 12in tall at the wider end. The narrower end should be 8cm / 3in tall. You will need to curve the top of the wider end of the wedge to round it off (see pictures). Check your template against your head to see if it’s roughly the right size and adjust the dimensions if necessary.     Fold the bath towel in half with the long edges together and the right sides of the towel facing (if your towel has a right and wrong side!). Pin your template to the towel, with the longer side of the wedge against the edge of the towel – this side will be the bottom of your wrap.       Cut out the wedge shape around the template through both towel layers.     Fold the piece of elastic in half and baste it onto the right side of the wider end of one wedge piece. The elastic should be pointing inwards about 7.5cm / 3in from the bottom, with the raw edges aligned to the raw edge of the towel.     If adding a label, sew it into place along the bottom edge, 15cm / 6in from the corner and 2.5cm / 1in up from the bottom.     Pin or clip the wedge shapes together (with the elastic in the middle) and sew together around the outside using a 1.25cm / ½in seam allowance. Zigzag or overlock your seams to prevent them from fraying.       Turn your towel wrap the right way out and you’re all done!