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By Wunderlabel on 05/09/2022

Summer Trends

Summer Knitting Trends and Sewing Ideas

Sew and Knit Your Own Cuddly Toys 

Stuffed animals are a staple of sewing, from cat toys and pin cushions to children’s toys and pillows. Smaller cuddly toys can even be used on stroller chains. Self-made sewn or knitted animals are one the perennials amongst DIY products, and loved by children and grown-ups alike. 

2022 on trend animals for sewing and knitting 

Classic design motifs like owls and rabbits are joined by new favorites in 2022. Elephants, mice and otters are in! Your imagination has no limits when it comes to applying these designs: Use pretty little figurines as decoration for the children’s room, make appliqués for clothing or towels, or simply sew a large stuffed animal as a cuddly companion. 

Small stuffed animals as gifts or for your Etsy shop 

Handmade knitted or sewn stuffed animals make wonderful presents for christenings, newborns and birthdays. And they are a great starter product for your Etsy shop: Making soft toys can be adapted to the time and skill level that you have. And a Wunderlabel woven label will add a personal touch to your DIY project! 

Sew or Knit Summer Decorations 

It’s the perfect time to set some summer accents in your home and it’s easily done with decorative objects made from fabric. Using self-made decor means that you can change it whenever you want and use different fabrics to match each season. And of course, they are real eye-catchers that add a special charm to any home. 

Boho or summer print pillow covers

How about some knitted pillow covers for a summery boho chic flair on your patio or terrace? Decorative cushions are an affordable way of changing the whole look of a room. Patterns and bright colors are ideal to bring some sunshine into your home.  

Handmade cloth napkins and coasters for garden parties and barbecues 

Cloth napkins, table cloths and coasters are an easy way of making your table setting more attractive. They are easy to sew, can be designed in matching fabrics and colors, are easy to adapt to your own taste and are sustainable.  Lightweight fabrics (like linen and cotton) will give an unmistakable summer feeling to your table.  Knitted coasters can add a personal touch to your decor. And these simple DIY projects are suitable for beginners too!

Fabric summer table decor for weddings and birthdays 

Self-made sewn or knitted table decorations are particularly charming for special occasions and can be matched to the overall theme of the event.  They can also make thoughtful presents, for example for guests at a wedding. Printed logo labels can be used to customize cloth napkins and other items. Our online design tool allows you to create high quality personalized logo labels. Our labels won’t fray and can even be washed at high temperatures. 

Sewing and Knitting Summer Clothing and Accessories 

Sewing light summer clothing is always a popular DIY project: From crop tops to ponchos and blouses, you can decide what to make based on your own skill set.

Sewing clothing for babies and toddlers

Handmade hats and bibs are a great idea for babies and toddlers all year round. 
Even baby shoes and socks can be a good DIY summer project, whether for your own child, as a present or to sell. Just get creative! 

Summer knitting and sewing projects for adults

Handmade accessories give your outfit a little something extra. Beach bags, headbands, and hair scrunchies are popular DIY projects. You can combine different colors and patterns to match your clothes and have stylish accessories for every outfit. It's also a great way to use up fabric scraps - for example by sewing scrunchies, which are all the rage right now. Another unusual summer trend: knitted bikini tops for festivals or concerts. 

Unique Personalized Labels from Wunderlabel

To give your DIY project a professional look, embellish it with a personalized label. You can create your very own label by using our online design tool. Play around with different formats and sizes, frames and colors. We provide you with a variety of background colors, fonts and symbols to choose from that can be combined to create your own custom label. Wunderlabels are always on trend!

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