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By Tighe Flanagan on 09/18/2017

Take your makes to the next level with Laundry Labels!

Take your makes to the next level with Laundry Labels!

For my Etsy shop I primarily focus on quilted pillow covers. I love combining traditional patchwork with modern design and colors. I also want these items to be used and loved… which means they will need to be cared for by their new owners.

 Take your makes to the next level with Laundry Labels!

Adding a laundry label  is a great way to remind the new owner how to maintain their new treasure. It takes the guesswork out of it for the customer, and it’s more helpful than including a note in the bottom of your Etsy listing description. If your customer is giving your item as a gift, the lucky recipient won’t have to read your care instructions online since they wouldn’t have seen the listing to begin with!

Take your makes to the next level with Laundry Labels!

Photo of District Coverup’s fig leaf pillows in blue.

Just as important, adding these labels to your work gives it a very professional finish, especially when combined with a branded woven label on the outside and a packaged hang tag or custom ribbon. (More on those soon!) A finished product helps convey all the quality you’ve put into the making along the way. First impressions matter, especially when you’re building your brand from scratch!

For my care labels I chose the printed composite laundry labels. Designing your laundry label is quick and easy through the Wunderlabel website. You can select up to five icons to depict general care instructions. The web form will tell you what each symbol means (for example, “wash cold” or “no bleach”). I chose symbols that read, “hand wash” + “wash cold” + “hang dry” + “dry low heat”.

You can then add more text below the symbols. I used my own clothes as a reference and saw they usually give the materials or additional care instructions. All of my quilted pillows have different designs, but they are made from the same materials, so I added “100% cotton with a polyester zipper,” and a simple reminder to “Wash with care.”

Take your makes to the next level with Laundry Labels!

Adding these tags is a simple as folding them in half and stitching along an inside seam allowance. Since the tags are hidden inside, I decided to use a contrasting black thread to attach them. You could also hide the stitching which a coordinating thread. A straight stitch with some reverse stitches at the beginning and end to secure things in place is all it takes. A clip or pin can make sure you keep things lined up and looking professional.

Take your makes to the next level with Laundry Labels!

District Coverup as a brand emphasises its home in Washington, DC, which I hope gives it a sense of place. People want to know who is making their items and where they come from. If they’re buying a DC Flag pillow or a historic map of DC, why not choose one that comes from that place? I also hope it, in turn, shapes what people think about Washington, DC. It’s a political capital, but it also is filled with neighborhoods, homes, people… and makers!

Take your makes to the next level with Laundry Labels!

Consider adding printed composite laundry labels to your next creation, and stay tuned to learn more about hang tags and custom printed ribbon in parts 2 and 3 of this series!

Writer: Tighe Flanagan

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