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By Annabelle Short on 05/10/2017

The Ten Plus Size Fashion Blogs You Need to Read

The Ten Plus Size Fashion Blogs You Need to Read

As every curvy girl knows, when it comes to finding fashion that fits, the struggle is real. There's nothing worse than having to choose between clothes that fit poorly, and clothes that look just plain frumpy, but sometimes it feels like there's no other option. Even if you're a sewist and into making or altering your own clothes, where can you to turn to for inspiration when the pages of fashion magazines are filled with rail-thin models?

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These ten fashion blogs are the perfect place to start.

These plus size bloggers prove that fashion is all about finding the cuts, colors and styles that flatter your body, not the size on the tag. Whether you're into ready-to-wear, or making your own designer pieces, you've got to check out their tips and tricks.


This blog is home to the fashionable stylings, beauty tips, and lifestyle musings of Rochelle Johnson, who started the blog to expand on her already popular Instagram fashion profile. She covers everything from weekend casual to formal dresses, offering tips on accessorizing, finding the brands that work best with your shape, and how to create your own personal style.


What began as The Curvy Girl's Guide to Style, Chastity Garner Valentine's fashion blog has grown into a full time business that's caught the attention of The New York Times,, and Elle Magazine. Chastity's blog covers anything you could possibly want to know about the plus size fashion scene, including designers to watch and where to get your next spring look!

3. Nicolette Mason

From makeup, to hair, to shoes, and, of course, everything in between, Nicolette Mason is an absolute authority on style. She's a Parsons School of Design grad and has worked with a wide range of fashion publications including Marie Claire, Vogue Italia, and Glamour Italy. She's also helped create collections with ModCloth, Addition Elle, and Target. Her blog shares personal style tips and tricks, plus fun and fashionable ways to break all the style rules.

4. Gabifresh

This is another style blog born out of necessity. Fresh out of college and stymied by a lack of jobs in fashion journalism, Gabi Gregg created her blog to keep her writing skills sharp and to help fill a gap she'd found in her own work: plus size style resources. The blog took on a life of its own, and Gabi has since been featured on everything from Good Morning America to the Video Music Awards. Follow her latest fashion exploits on social media as well as on her blog itself.

5. Lovely In LA

Rachel Richardson is a fashion industry veteran who has worked as both a model and a designer. Her blog is filled with tips and tricks that you can apply to what you have in your wardrobe right now to put together an outfit so stylish you won't believe you already owned it! For Rachel, it's about working with your body, not against it. Choose styles that accentuate your waist wherever it's narrowest to give you a defined and elegant shape, and don't disguise your curves with baggy, shapeless pants. Check out her blog for more of Rachel's style tips!

6. The Curvy Sewing Collective

Into sewing your own clothes, but frustrated with the lack of stylish patterns in your size? You aren't alone. In 2014, Jenny and Mary, a pair of sewist-bloggers with a love for plus sized fashion started The Curvy Sewing Collective to give other sewists access to the advice and resources they wish they'd had when first starting out. From pattern hacks and recommendations to color and print pairings, The Curvy Sewing Collective is a go-to spot for any sewist looking to create flattering and comfortable curvy fashion.

7. Cashmerette

The brainchild of sewist-blogger Jenny (yes, the same Jenny who later went on to co-found The Curvy Sewing Collective), this blog is a deep dive into the patterns and techniques for making gorgeous clothes that fit curvy bodies. She's even started her own pattern line so sewists just getting started won't have to spend all their time cutting and altering patterns just to get them to fit. She also delves into the introspective side of sewing, and how learning to make clothes that fit her body helped her come to love that body at any size.

8. Quirky Pretty Cute

For plus sized sewists who feel a little intimidated by fashion industry pros and big-city style, here's a blog that proves you don't need to be strutting the catwalks in Paris or Milan to have serious fashion sense. Quirky Pretty Cute covers the basics of getting started in sewing as well as how to find patterns for the clothes you love and how to alter them for the shape of your body.

9. Suits Heels and Curves

For Darlene Lebron-Lopez, her blog, Suits Heels and Curves, came about not as a way to fill a void in the fashion world, but to share her confidence and sense of style with fellow curvy career women. Darlene takes on size-shaming across the board, not only with her impeccable sense of style and helpful fashion advice, but with the 'I Am Redefining Healthy' campaign, a project geared toward helping curvy women shift their focus from a skinny=healthy attitude to an inclusive lifestyle of wellness, self-care, and beauty.

10. Trendy Curvy

A curvy girl living in a trendy world, Kristine Thompson is an LA style blogger who makes fashion work for her rather than the other way around. She's not afraid to throw out the rules and choose styles that make her feel fabulous. "Everything isn't for everyone" is her motto. If you don't feel gorgeous and confident in an outfit, try something else!

Feeling inspired yet? Whether you're off on a shopping trip with the girls, or heading into your sewing room to create a masterpiece of your own, remember that looking good is as much about how you feel in your outfit as it is about how it looks on you. Don't be afraid the break the fashion "rules" and wear what you love. Style has no size limits, as these ten fashion-forward bloggers just proved. Got tips for other curvy sewists or fashionistas? Blogs you love that got missed? Share them in the comments below!

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