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By Annabelle Short on 08/29/2017

Top 20 DIY Bloggers of 2017

Top 20 DIY Bloggers of 2017

When it comes to getting crafty, there's nothing like a good blog to help you get inspired. Of course, with so many blogs out there, it's easy to spend all your time browsing, and none actually crafting! Not to worry, though. We've done the digging and assembled a list of the top 20 DIY blogs you shouldn't miss. From crafting with the kids to DIY fashion to sprucing up your interior decorating, these pros can give you the ideas and inspiration-- or the detailed tutorials-- to get you headed in the right direction. Now the only question will be which project to tackle first!

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  •  Vintage Revivals

Mandi's blog "runs on paint fumes and blind enthusiasm," so if you feel like you're not really up to the whole DIY scene, she might be just the one to prove you wrong. She believes in going big, so whether you're looking to make over an entire room or just tweak a few aspects of the design, you'll find all kinds of ideas and techniques. Vintage Revivals is an especially good resource for repurposing thrift store finds and making your own accessories and accents.

  • Paper and Stitch

Brittni Mehlhoff was a high school art teacher when she first started Paper and Stitch, but it quickly became a full time job--literally! What began as a way to document her own experiments in fabric, paper, paint, and more has grown into a wide-ranging site featuring ideas from a variety of crafters, all curated and directed by Brittni herself. Paper and Stitch is a complete lifestyle blog, so in addition to the DIY projects and craft ideas, you can also browse fashion and travel pages, and even try out the recipes.

  • With Heart by Jennifer Stagg

With Heart is the blog wing of Jennifer's website, which covers all her DIY, home improvement, and crafting adventures. With a fresh, bright style aesthetic, her work has been in demand both on and offline. She has created projects for Better Homes and Gardens, Home Depot, Women's Day, and more. Check out step-by-step instructions for everything from cabinet makeovers to kids' crafts.

  • Centsational Style

Sometimes DIY projects are touted as great ways to save a little money by applying a little extra elbow grease, but with lengthy and pricey material lists, tools, and time commitments, this isn't always the case. Except at Centsational Style. Kate Riley knows that you can create great style on a shoestring, and she's got plenty of projects to show you just how to accomplish it. Check out specific projects and tutorials, or browse the Style Files to get large scale inspiration for your home.

  • Aunt Peaches

Amanda, better known as Aunt Peaches, is an artist and designer who's worked with retailers, celebrities, magazines and more. Even better, she shares some of her creative genius with the rest of us through her blog! In its early days, the Aunt Peaches blog focused a lot on crafts and how-to, but as Amanda's own focus in her work has changed, so has the blog. Today, you'll still find plenty of inspiration, ideas, and works-in-progress, but also a frank discussion of what it's like to make a living from a creative business, which can be just as helpful and inspiring as the artwork itself!

  • A Beautiful Mess

Sisters Elsie and Emma created A Beautiful Mess to celebrate all things handmade and homemade, and it's quickly become one of the most popular DIY blogs on the internet. Their motto? "Life is better when it’s a little bit messy." What crafter can't get behind that sentiment? Check out sewing patterns, jewelry ideas, recipes, style guides, and more.

  • Red Ted Art

Maggy Woodley is a U.K. blogger who takes her crafting inspiration from her children. Even the blog's name is a reference to her son--his nickname is "Red Ted." Though many of her crafts and tutorials are family-friendly, you can also find lots of paper crafting techniques perfect for more grown-up crafts, especially if you're into quilling or origami.

  • C.R.A.F.T.

Jamie's all about--you guessed it--creating really awesome fun things, or C.R.A.F.T. for short. She's got tons of family friendly tutorials for the latest trends (slime recipes, anyone?) as well as gift ideas, makeovers, and quick and easy updates for any space.

  • The DIY Playbook

Best friends and kindred spirits Casey and Bridget started The DIY Playbook to document their ventures in crafting and decorating. They're a little unique in the crafting world in that they not only document their successes, but also their failures. Check out their Rookie Mistakes page to avoid some of the pitfalls they discovered the hard way.

  • Crafts Unleashed

Crafts Unleashed is the product of the creative team at Consumer Crafts, and with so many excellent brains at work, you can be sure of always finding something new and intriguing no matter what kind of crafting your prefer. Don't miss their holiday and seasonal pages; these ideas go way beyond the usual snowmen and reindeer!

  • Cuckoo 4 Design

Julia is a German citizen who came to the US on a marketing internship and stayed when she met and married her husband. Trained as an artist and designer, her blog covers small DIY crafts, larger interior design ideas, and--since she's a huge animal lover--lots of pet-friendly projects as well!

  • Hello Glow

Hello Glow is another lifestyle blog with a handy DIY section. Though their focus is on beauty and healthful living, you'll also find plenty of handmade projects. Check out their helpful hints for fashion, jewelry, and home decor ideas, all with a DIY approach.

  • Damask Love

This is a blog that celebrates crafting at its purest. Amber's love of crafting started early--as a kid, she once negotiated to get her allowance paid in stationery and stickers. Later on, it was this love of all things creative that inspired her to set aside her work as a child psychologist and pursue that passion for creativity full time. Her projects are categorized by type, so you can browse holiday crafts, gift ideas, kids' crafts, and more.

  • Jacks and Kate

Krisha, a homeschooling mom of four, has been a banker and a small business owner, and now has turned her attention to enjoying her time with her family and blogging about it along the way. Her kids' crafts often combine homeschool lessons, artistic endeavors, and a whole lot of fun! A great blog for helping kids learn how to use different materials and experiment with techniques.

  • Oh Happy Day!

There's something to celebrate in every day, and Oh Happy Day can help you find it. From easy and festive party decorations to quick DIY household makeovers, there are ideas on this blog you don't want to miss.

  • Poppytalk

The carefully curated posts of Poppytalk range from IKEA hacks and DIY flower arrangements to gardening tips and international design. No matter what your favorite crafting media are, you'll find something that inspires you here!

  • P.S. I Made This

Erica Domesek has been dubbed "Fashion's Queen of DIY" by Elle Magazine, and you only have to spend a few minutes browsing her blog to understand why. Make over your favorite clothes with a little embellishment, whip up some fun and funky accessories, or even create beauty products from common kitchen ingredients.

  • So You Think You're Crafty

This fun blog combines the thrill of a reality-tv-style competition with the creativity of a whole range of enthusiastic crafters. Every 10 weeks, a new set of crafters is chosen to compete in head to head competitions, and each week, one is eliminated and a winner is chosen by website followers who vote for their favorites. The real winners, though, are those of us following the blog! You'll find step-by-step tutorials for all the winning projects, plus some extras just for fun. You can even audition to compete yourself!

  • Thanks, I Made It

This blog takes its name from every crafter's favorite response to a compliment--"Thanks, I made it!"--and focuses on projects for jack-of-all-trade crafters who want to be able to spruce things up at a moment's notice and without emptying their wallets. If you're looking for a deep dive into the nitty-gritty of knitting or the finer points of painting, this isn't the blog for you, but if you're into trying a little bit of everything, you'll find all that--and more--right here.

  • We Are Scout

Who exactly is the 'we' in We Are Scout? Well, according to creator Lisa Tilse, you are! All of us are, the tribe of crafters and makers and dreamers and creators. On this blog, you'll find plenty to keep you inspired and crafting, including DIY tutorials using lots of unexpected materials and techniques.

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