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By Annabelle Short on 08/15/2016

Top 35 Advanced Sewing Projects

Top 35 Advanced Sewing Projects

Are you ready to bump up your sewing skills? We have you covered!

So you’ve graduated from Sewing 101.

  • Your seams are smooth.
  • You mastered darts and hems.
  • You can install a zipper like a boss.

Now you’re ready to bump up your skills with some more challenging projects? We’ve got you covered!

We’ve assembled a list of our Top 35 Advanced Sewing Projects so you can stretch your crafting muscles. We’ve got projects to furnish your home, items you can make for the little ones in your life, bags so you can carry and organize all your stuff and some tips for expanding your wardrobe.

You’re sure to find some creations that will have you sewing like a pro!

For the Home

  • Pleated Curtains

You know how to make basic curtains? Take it to the next level with these very grown-up and professional-looking pinch pleat curtain panels that will make your windows look oh so fancy.

  • Grommet Curtains

Any curtain panel worth its salt includes lining, and this tutorial from Vanilla Joy will show you how to install lining and grommets so your curtains look store bought even though you made them with your very own hands.

  • Roman Shades

Roman shades are a clean and modern (and space saving!) option for windows. This is one of those things that looks super complicated but is actually really easy once you break it down. Follow these steps from Brown Paper Packages.

  • Ruffle Shower Curtain

Curtains aren’t just for windows! Expand your skills into other rooms and make this adorable ruffle shower curtain, and by then end you’ll be the goddess of the gathering stitch and the ruler of the ruffle.

Sewing Tip: Gathering fabric can be super frustrating if your thread breaks halfway through your ruffle and all your gathers fall out. To avoid this catastrophe, start with two rows of basting or gathering stitches. Or if you’re gathering heavier or thicker fabrics, use this smart tip that skips the gathering stitch altogether.

  • Chair Cushions

Make your own custom chair cushions to match your kitchen or dining room with this step-by-step from mmmcrafts. These cushions also include piping! and button tufts!, so you’ll get some great-looking chairs while picking up some good crafting skills.

  • Outdoor Cushion Covers

Do you have outdoor patio cushions that have been sun-beaten or weathered? Don’t shell out a fortune to have them redone when you can make your own cushion covers! Recover those bad boys and get back to enjoying some backyard goodness.

  • Quilted Floor Cushion

Help your tush with these quilted floor cushions. These are a great option if you need some extra seating or want to save your bum when you’re kickin’ back on the floor. You can also bring these along when you’ll be sitting on the ground outside.

  • Bolster Cushion

Top 35 Advanced Sewing Projects

Not only is this a bolster cushion for your bed, it’s a case that stores your winter bedspread or a heavy blanket during warmer months. Apartment Apothecary will show you how to make this genius project.

  • Flanged Pillow

If you’re going to make a pillow, you might as well make an elegant one like this flanged pillow from So Sew Easy. This how-to will take your pillows from throw to wow with just a few simple details.

  • Knot Pillow

Looking for something a little more interesting than your average square pillow? This knot pillow makes a great accent piece, and you can experiment with making it in different sizes and colors! Try making the tubes larger, longer, or out of multiple colors for a fun pillow that’s definitely outside the box.

  • Knotted Bedspread

While we’re being knot-y (hee hee), take a look at this cute knotted bedspread from Kojodesigns. The twisted texture will make your bed look like a whipped cream cloud dream.

  • Duvet Cover

Making your own duvet cover not only allows you to customize your bedding, it teaches you how to sew large projects and work with lengths of fabric while keeping everything square and straight! The answer: pins and patience.

  • Fitted Sheets

Did you know you can make your ownfitted sheets? You can! Hem a large rectangle for a flat sheet, make a basic pillowcase, and you’ve got yourself a whole set! These instructions are also great if you want to alter a large sheet to fit a smaller mattress.

  • Ironing Board Cover

If your ironing board cover is sad, thin, stained and tired, save some dough and replace it with a DIY cover. This tutorial is great because it shows you how to make a new that includes padding which is essential for avoiding wrinkles!

  • Insulated Mason Jar Bag

Mason jar meals are super popular, but how do you keep your salad cold or your soup hot? You make one of these convenient and cute insulated bags so that you can tote your lunch in style.

  • Casserole Carrier

While we’re talking about keeping things hot, make sure your dish arrives oven fresh at the potluck with this casserole carrier. These also make great bridal shower and housewarming gifts!

For Babies and Kids

  • Changing Mat

This super convenient changing mat includes pockets for diapers and wipes, and it folds up into a handy clutch to keep all your items in one place. Plus, it’s made with vinyl so cleanup is easy peasy.

  • Romper

Make this adorable romper for the little one in your life or create one (or a few!) to give to someone who’s expecting. These comfy little rompers look cute and make the perfect outfit for a sunny day!

  • Baby Carrier

Allparenting’s tutorial shows you how to make an affordable baby carrier out of tablecloth (which can be substituted with any soft, durable fabric). This is a fun alternative to the classic baby sling that makes carrying comfortable for you and your tiny passenger.

  • Bubble Dress

This super cute bubble dress would be great for spring or summer! Plus, it can be dressed up or down depending on what type of fabric you choose to make it out of. Cotton makes it casual, and a satin or outer layer of organza for the bubble skirt transforms it into a dressy dress.

  • Flutter Sleeve Dress

This adorable dress is so comfy and easy breezy, once you master the first one, you might as well make a couple out of different fabrics to add to your child’s wardrobe. It can also be made shorter and worn as a top!

  • Insulated Lunch Bag

Send your kid to school in style with this insulated and laminated lunch bag! The insulation keeps your hot stuff hot and your cool stuff cool, and the laminated fabric (or oilcloth) makes it easy to clean. The buckle strap prevents items from falling out and getting lost. Make one for yourself while you’re at it!

Bags and Purses

  • Trio Zipped Bag

Oh Oh Blog brings us the great tutorial that teaches you how to turn faux leather into a simple and truly stylish purse that will have your friends asking, “Where’d you buy that?!!” Plus, its triple-purse design will allow you to keep things organized. It’s like three purses in one!

Sewing Tip: When sewing through thicker fabrics, such as faux leather, make sure you have the correct sewing needles to prevent breaking. It’s also a good idea to have some extra needles on hand just in case.

  • Camera Carrier Insert

If you have a nice camera, you don’t want to throw it into just any ol’ bag, and camera bags can be pricey. How Joyful provides you with wonderful instructions to show you how to make a padded carrier that can go into any bag. Plus, it includes all kinds of little compartments to keep your camera and equipment safe and protected.

  • Purse Organizer

Are you tired of stirring the contents of your purse like soup every time you’re trying to find your sunglasses/keys/phone/etc.? End the struggle and find things fast with this handy organizer that can be inserted into your purse and never again resort to the dreaded purse dump out.

  • Overnight Bag

Make this bag that is the perfect size to hold all your stuff for an overnight trip, but will fold up small for easy storage. It even includes side pockets to hold smaller items you want to keep close at hand. The Stitching Scientist makes construction easy so you can create this bag and start planning some trips to use it!

  • Box Bag

This box bag would make a great travel or makeup bag to keep all your stuff organized without having to cram it all into one tiny satchel. If you want one that’s easy to clean, try making it out of oilcloth or laminated fabric.

For the Closet

  • Customized Sewing Form

Top 35 Advanced Sewing Projects

This is an absolute must if you’re going to be making your own clothes. Since it’s hard to make alterations or adjustments while you’re wearing a garment, make life easier by creating a sewing form that is tailor made to your measurements. These excellent instructions from Handimania will show you how.

  • Skinny Jeans from Bootcut Jeans

Do you have some flared or bootcut jeans lying around? Don’t banish them to cutoff shorts country, turn them into super stylish skinny jeans! This tutorial will show you how to make it happen and with cute ankle zippers too!

  • Keep the Original Hem on Jeans

If you’ve ever hemmed jeans simply by cutting them, turning them up and stitching them, you know sometimes it just doesn’t look quite right. Maybe the thread doesn’t match, or you lose that distressed look. Sew Much Ado shows you how to keep the original hem when you shorten your denim.

  • Bathrobe

Who among us doesn’t love the feeling of being wrapped in the luxury of a bathrobe? (We’re only human). Create your own so you can make one that doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a bulky bedspread.

  • DIY Leggings

Just when you thought leggings couldn’t get any more comfortable, now you can make them to custom fit you! Tasha Delrae will teach you how to draft a pattern to your measurements and construct your own set of leggings. Now it’s just a matter of not making a pair out of every cute stretchy fabric you lay your eyes on.

Sewing Tip: Learning to sew on stretchy fabrics can be tricky if you’re not used to it. Use a lot of pins to keep fabric from moving. If you find that fabric is uneven when you reach the end of your seam - meaning the top layer is longer than the bottom layer or vice versa - consider getting a walking foot for your sewing machine. It will move both layers through the feed dogs at an even pace and make sewing on stretch fabrics much easier.

  • Tailored Blouse from an Oversized Shirt

This upcycling project allows you transform to an oversized or men’s dress shirt into a fashionable, sleeveless, tailored blouse. Go on a shopping spree at your local thrift store and turn those abandoned collared shirts into closet gold!

  • Shirring With Elastic Thread

Have you ever wanted to make a skirt with a comfy stretch waist, or a dress with a stretchy back? Now you can! Melly Sews will show you how to harness the magic of elastic thread so you can say goodbye tight clothes with no give and hello to your new favorite summer dress.

  • Corset

Ah, the corset. It’s like the marathon of the sewing world. So much stitching and fitting, but when you make a good one, it’s a great sense of accomplishment. Traditional corsets use plastic or metal boning to maintain their structure. But, if you can’t find either of those, this clever tutorial shows you how to get the job done with zip ties and masking tape!

Hooray! Now you have our Top 35 Advanced Sewing Projects to exercise your sewing skills and create some awesome next-level projects!

Remember to keep sewing and growing. Continue to look for new projects and get inspired in Wunderlabel. The sky’s the limit!

Which one do you want to try first ? Tell us in the comments section!

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