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By Wunderlabel on 07/18/2022

How to Make a Changing Pouch

Tutorial: How to Make a Changing Pouch

Anyone who has a baby knows that a changing pouch is indispensable. You can buy a diaper bag or just make one yourself. If you are in the mood for sewing then this is the perfect project for you! We will show you what materials you need and take you through every step of making a diaper bag in our free illustrated tutorial.
The changing pouch measures approx. 28 x 19 cm when folded.  

What material is good for sewing a changing pouch?  

The choice of material for your changing pouch / diaper bag depends on where you will be using it. If you plan on taking it with you then a waxed material would be best. Otherwise, you can use non-elastic fabrics like cotton, linen or denim. 

How do you reinforce the nappy bag?

To reinforce and pad the changing pouch you will need volume fleece.  

Materials needed:

- 4 x cotton fabric,  28 x 18 cm plus 1 cm seam allowance
- 2 x cotton fabric,  36 x 28 cm plus 1 cm seam allowance
- 1 x padding (volume fleece) 28 x 36 cm
- Elastic cord
- Matching sewing thread 
- Your own name labels


1. You can sew this changing pouch without a pattern. You will need 2 pieces of 28 x 18 cm and 1 piece of 28 x 36 cm padding for the diaper bag. For the outer fabric/inner fabric you can use scraps or a total of 4 pieces of 28 x 18 cm with a 1 cm seam allowance and 2 pieces of 36 x 28 cm, again with a seam allowance. You will also need a matching cord with a length of 3 cm and, of course, your personalized label. 

Changing Pouch

2. You are now ready to begin. You will need 2 of the 4 fabric pieces for the wet wipe bag. Place the fabric right sides together and mark the exact center (mark the diagonal lines).

Mark the center

3. Next, you will need a packet of the wet wipes that you want to sew a pouch for. 

Wet wipes for pouch

4. Open the lid and place it exactly in the center that you marked earlier. Use the center of the lid as a guide then trace around the lid with a pencil.  

Trace around the lid

5. If needed, finish drawing the shape of the lid after you have removed it from the fabric.  

Finish drawing the line

6. Now widen the lid opening by 0.5 to 1 cm, depending on how loose you want the fabric to sit around the opening later.

Widen the opening

7. Now sew the rounding on the outer line with a 2.5 straight stitch.

Sew the outer line

8. Below you can see the setting used for all concealed seams.  

Setting for concealed seams

9. Double-check your sewing: it is important that the rounded shape is closed. 

Check the seam

10. Fold the fabric in half and cut out the inner oval shape. 

Cut out the oval

11. Now cut lots of small triangles to help create a nice curve. Be careful not to cut the seam. If you do, you will need to sew it again. 

Cut out triangles

12. Next, turn the fabric through the opening and iron the inside rim neatly.  

Turn fabric through opening

13. Use a 3.5 straight stitch for all visible seams. 

Setting for visible seams

14. Sew close to the edge and make sure to lock the end seam securely.

Sew close to edge

15. Check if the lid of the wet wipe container can actually be opened through the opening you’ve just sewn. 

Check the lid

16. You can now sew the two smaller fabric pieces together on one of the long sides. Place them flush together, right sides together. 

Sew small pieces together

17. Stitch the steam to the width of the presser foot. 

Stitch the seam

18. Next you will need the fleece interfacing.  

Fleece interfacing

19. Smooth out the seam of the pocket you have just created, iron it briefly, then lay the fleece between the two layers of fabric. Secure the corners with pins to stop the lining from sliding out of place later on. 

Insert the fleece

20. The upper side of the wet wipe opening must now be closed before all the pieces can be attached. To do this, press and fold the seam allowance on both sides (front and back fabric), then lay the fabrics neatly on top of each other and secure the edge with pins.

Close upper side of opening

21. Sew the seam again close to the edge with a 3.5 straight stitch.

3.5 straight stitch

22. You are now ready to pin all the pieces together.  Start by laying the inner fabric on top.

Pin all pieces together

23. Place the pouch with the opening on the right hand side. 

Fabric placement: right side

24. Place the padded pocket on the left side. Fix all parts with pins or staples. Now pin the elastic onto the padded side.

Fabric placement: Left side

25. Attach your personalized logo label to whichever side you prefer and sew it on. Then sew left and right with straight stitch, as close as you can to the edge. This seam is merely meant to hold all the pieces together. If needed, lift the foot up slightly when sewing over the elastic band. 

Sew left and right

26. Now place the outer fabric right sides together on top of the previously sewn fabric, staple or pin everything in place, leaving a turning opening of approx. 10 cm on one short side. Proceed to sew the pouch together as neatly and tidily as possible. 

Turn opening

27. Trim the corners so that they will have a nice shape. 

Trim the corners

28. Turn the bag through the opening and shape the corners. 

Turn bag through opening

29. The remaining padding can now be inserted into the pouch and smoothed out. If you wish, you can add a decorative seam to the diaper bag that will also help keep the fleece in place. 

Insert padding

30. Lastly, close the opening with a mattress stitch. You have sewn your very first changing pouch! Use it yourself or make it a thoughtful present for someone else. 

Close turn opening

Finished pouch

Folded pouch

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