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By Annabelle Short on 07/05/2016

The Ultimate List of Summer Sewing Projects

The Ultimate List of Summer Sewing Projects

We’ve compiled a list of 30 of our favourite summer sewing projects to make your sunny days a little brighter!

It’s summertime y’all!

There will be a bevy of warm weather, sunshine, swimming and BBQ’s in the foreseeable future. It’s a time when we gather for cookouts, lounging by the pool or at the beach, and enjoying those magical warm summer nights.

But, if you’re spending your days beating the heat by staying indoors, we’re here to rescue you from the clutches of summer ennui.

We’ve compiled a list of 30 of our favourite summer sewing projects to make your sunny days a little brighter!

Beach and Pool

Before you grab your sandals and sunblock and head out to seek some sun, check out these fun ideas to maximize your summer unwind time.

  • Bandana Tote Bag

This drawstring tote made from - you guessed it - bandanas is a great project for beginning sewers or anyone looking for a cute and simple bag for stashing your sunscreen.

  • Towel Tote

This towel/pillow/tote bag hybrid is the perfect sunbathing companion. Combining a beach towel, with pockets for your goodies and a pillow for your neck, this is the ideal way to lay out this summer. Find out how to make one of your very own here.

  • Splashproof Phone Case

If you’re going to find yourself anywhere near water this summer, you need to make one of these stylish cases from Polkadot Chair to keep your phone protected from splashes and sand. It’s better than exposing it to the elements and it’s cuter than a plastic bag.

  • Blanket with Pockets

Whether you’re lounging in the sand or picnicking in a park this summer, this beach blanket with corner pockets will make life easier. The pockets keep all your stuff hidden and within reach, and your stuff keeps your blanket weighted down so it doesn’t flip up on breezy days. It’s a win!

  • Summer Tote

This super cute tote from Sew What Alicia is durable and great to use all year round, but comes in especially handy when you’re headed to the pool or beach. It’s easy to make and large enough to hold your towel, water, snacks, SPF, and anything else you need for a summer outing.

  • Hooded Towel

Wrap this hooded towel around little ones when they get out of the water to keep them cozy and ward off shivers. Brittany from Our Home Made Easy gives you easy to follow instructions on how to make one for your water baby.

  • Mesh Beach Bag

Avoid the unpleasantness of emptying out a bag full of sand when you return from the beach by making your own mesh beach bag. Throw all your goods in this cinch-to-make tote and leave the sand behind at the beach.

The Ultimate List of Summer Sewing Projects

Cooking Out

Summer might as well be called BBQ season. Warm weather ushers in opportunities to gather with friends and family and enjoy some eats. These projects will add a touch of fun to your outdoor entertaining.

  • Bandana Bowl Covers

When you’re BBQ-ing or picnicking this summer, keep food protected from bugs and the elements with these easy peasy bowl covers. Sadie Season goods gives you a step-by-step tutorial so you’ll have the cutest dishes at the potluck.

  • Freezie Koozie

Frozen treats are a great way to beat the heat, but they can be a bit chilly and hard to hold. Fynes Designs solves the problem with these easy-sew koozies for your freezies.

  • Insulated Beverage Koozie

While we’re koozie-ing, check out these insulated drink koozies from Positively Splendid. They make a stylish addition to your summer get togethers, and they’ll keep your drinks cool and your hands dry while you enjoy a frosty beverage.

  • Reversible Placemat

These placemats allow you to add your personal style to backyard cookouts and can be flipped so you get two placemats in one!

TIP: For easy clean up, make one side of the place mat out of oilcloth or purchase a liquid-proof tablecloth and cut it down to size to back your mats.

  • Citrus Coasters

You can make these adorable coasters with just some felt and a needle and thread. You don’t even need a sewing machine! Their bright summer colors and slice-of-citrus look will bring a little fun to your table this summer.


When school is out, many of us hit the road (or take flight) to experience sunny weather in a different locale. Create some of these items to travel with ease.

  • Car Trash Can

Keep messes in check and preserve your car’s pristine interior while you’re road tripping with this handy little fabric trashcan. You can also waterproof it or make trash disposal easy by placing a plastic bag inside before securing the hoop around the top.

  • Reusable Snack Bag

Stitch these little bags so you can take snacks on the go when you’re out and about. They clean up easily and you can reuse them so there’s less waste. Classy Clutter will give you the DIY lowdown so you can make some of these baggies for all your on-the-go treats.

  • Lap Desk

If you’re hitting the road, make one of these lap desks to give fellow passengers a surface for snacking or activities while traveling. Hobby Mommy Creations will show you how to transform a cookie sheet and some fabric into a small, portable desk.

  • Seatbelt Pillow

If you’ve ever tried to sleep sitting up in a car, you know how difficult it can be to get comfy. Especially if you wake up with a neck cramp! Ease the pain of travel with this cozy neck pillow that fits right around your seatbelt. It even includes a pocket to hold your phone or road trip snacks.

  • Insulated Water Bottle Carrier

Stay hydrated while you’re taking in the summer sights by keeping drinks close at hand with this bottleholder. Plus, it’s insulated so you can make sure your drinks stay cold and refreshing.

  • iPad Case

Will your iPad be accompanying you on your travels this summer? Keep it protected with one of these simple and stylish cases from Oh So Lovely Vintage.

  • Earbud Pouch

Don’t let your earbuds get all tangled up with all the other travel essentials in your bag! Make one of these handy pouches so they’re easily accessible. Erin Erickson is going to show you exactly how to sew one so you can end the tangle tango.

  • Makeup Brush Roll

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you have to leave your beauty arsenal behind. This fabulous brush roll from keeps your brushes organized and all in one place in your suitcase.

  • Sleepy Eye Mask

It can be hard to catch some zzzzz’s while you’re traveling. Red eye flights and unfamiliar beds can leave you groggy. Make it a little easier to slip into sleep with a DIY eye mask. Learn how to make this little luxury from Making Things Is Awesome.

The Ultimate List of Summer Sewing Projects

Things to Wear

Summer is the perfect time to use those cottons and knits for items to keep you cool. Well….cooler than you already are!

  • Kimono

This kimono top from Polkadot Chair makes a great bathing suit coverup, or a lightweight layer for summer evenings.

  • Adult Sun Hat

Keep the summer sun off your gorgeous mug with this wide-brimmed sun hat. This hat is also great to fold up and throw in your beach or pool bag. And, it’s washable!

  • Child Sun Hat

We didn’t forget your precious sun babies! Protect their little faces with this child-sized Here Comes the Sun{hat} tutorial from Schwin and Schwin.

  • Reversible Fabric Headband

Keep hair out of your face while you’re working up a sweat the stylish way with this reversible headband from Alice and Lois. It also adds the perfect finishing touch to that messy bun when it’s just too hot to fire up a hair dryer.

  • Summer Boho Dress

This chic dress from Sew in Love is the ideal piece for all your outdoor summer fun. Loose and comfy, it will take you from pool to party.

  • T Shirt Dress

Not sure what to do with an old t shirt? One option is to grab a pair of scissors and make this cute summer dress that would look great with a pair of sandals. Can’t find a long shirt? Use the instructions to turn a t shirt into a tank top.

  • Swim Wrap

Never before has there been anything so simple yet so functional and useful as this swim wrap. Put it on over a bathing suit and you’re ready to go. Who knew you could wear a square with straps? You can, and it’s awesome.

  • Simple Skirt

This is a great sewing project for beginner level sewer who wants to break into the world of making clothing. This truly simple skirt is a cute addition to your summer wardrobe, and you can tell people you made it with your very own hands.

  • Pillowcase Dress

A summer sewing list would not be complete without mentioning the classic pillowcase dress. This is the quintessential baby sundress and We All Sew will show you how to make one. It’s super easy to create and always looks adorable. Don’t worry, you don’t have to make it from an actual pillowcase, but you can. We won’t judge you.

There you have it! Our favorite sewing projects to enjoy all that summer has to offer.

Whether you’re traveling or enjoying your own vacation right in your backyard, make it your own with some of these great ideas.

What are some of your favorite summer sewing creations? Share them with us in the comments section!

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