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By Wunderlabel on 05/11/2022

Upcycling Ideas

13 Upcycling Ideas for Leftover Fabric Scraps

As a creative person, your home is probably filled with leftovers from your DIY projects: fabric scraps, yarn, buttons and more. There is always something!
Upcycling is a good way of repurposing used clothes.  
Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and we are always looking for practical ways to upcycle fabric scraps and old clothing. And today we're sharing our ideas with you! You don't need any crafting experience to implement these ideas and create something new. 

You can personalize every poject with the own woven label.

Idea 1 - Upcycling Old Jeans

Upcycling old jeans

Parting from an old favorite pair of jeans is hard and the distinctive stitching, that is so typical for this type of garment, is just too nice to end up in the garbage!  Old jeans can be used for a number of upcycling projects.  Shopping bags, mobile phone pouches, book covers, potholders, storage and decorative containers for plants. No matter what you decide to make, the special stitching will impart a unique and stylish look.  All you need are old jeans, a pair of scissors, sewing thread and needle, and a bit of inspiration. 
Another great idea that will delight grown-ups and children alike, is sewing little monsters out of jeans fabric. These cute monsters make adorable cuddly toys for kids but can also be used as decor for your home. And they can be stuffed with yarn and fabric scraps. 

The template in A4 format, pdf download >>

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" style="position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Idea 2 - Book Covers from Fabric Scraps
Upcycling Idea Book Covers

Fabric scraps are great for making eco-friendly book covers as well and are a lovely alternative to plastic covers. SImply trace all around the opened book, add 10 - 15 cm right and left for the inside of the sleeve and a 1 cm seam allowance on all sides. Cut out the traced rectangle. Then do the same with another piece of fabric for the inside before stitchin the inner and outer fabric together. Cut out two identical strips of fabric for the flaps and sew them to the inside of the book cover. Your favorite book is now protected from scratches and scuff marks! Decorate your DIY cover to your taste and add a personalized Wunderlabel tag for a one-of-a-kind book sleeve. Find the full tutorial in the Wunderlabel blog

Idea 3. Appliqués from Fabric Scraps

Upcycling Ideas

Appliqués from fabric scraps can really transform an item. Not only are they great fun for children’s clothing and accessories but they can also be used to  patch up holes or hide stains, thus expanding the lifespan of your favorite items. Add a special touch to your project with appliqués! 

Idea 4: Cable Organizer

Upcycling Ideas - Cable Organizer

We are all familiar with this issue: Getting frustrated because of tangled up cables! That is why you need an organizer to tidy up and store your cables. 

Idea 5: Fabric Scrap Mug Rug

Upcycling Idea Fabric Mug Rug

With our free tutorial your leftover fabric can get a new lease of life in the form of mug rugs. They are easy to sew, practical and very decorative. 

Idea 6: DIY Pin Cushion

DIY Pin Cushion - Upcycling

Every DIY enthusiast needs a pin cushion!  If you don’t have one yet then our easy tutorial will show you how to make your own tomato pin cushion

Idea 7: Sew Scented Sachets

Upcycling Idea - Sew Scented Sachets

Scented sachets are another way of using up leftover fabric. Use them in your closets, drawers, car and more. And they make a thoughtful little present too! 

Idea 8: Christmas Tree Ornaments - Folded Fabric Stars

Folded Fabric Stars - Upcycling

These hanging fabric stars are perfect for Christmas. Choose any pattern or color to achieve the style you want, from plain and chic to crazy and fun.

Idea 9: Sew Hanging  Easter Eggs from Fabric Leftovers

Upcycling Ideas - Sew Hanging  Easter Eggs

These hanging Easter decorations are truly sustainable because they can be reused year after year.  And you can mix and match different fabrics for an even more fun look! 

Idea 10: Egg Hats from Fabric Scraps

Egg Hats from Fabric Scraps

These cute egg warmers will brighten up your Easter table and delight family and guests.

Idea 11: Handy Bowl Cover

Handy Bowl Cover - Upcycling

Bowl covers are an excellent way of both reducing plastic wrap consumption and adding a splash of color to the fridge. Bring some fun into your kitchen!

Idea 12: Self-made Scrunchies

Upcycled Scrunchies

DIY scrunchies are a great alternative to store-bought hair ties: They are quick and easy to make as well as affordable. 

When you have many fabric scraps, it's easy to lose track. You'll find many tips in our post on how to organize your sewing room and store fabrics neatly. But what else can you do with all these small fabric pieces? A fantastic way to make use of them is through upcycling projects. From patchwork quilts to fabric toys and accessories, there are countless creative ideas for repurposing your fabric scraps. A particularly practical project is making a foldable shopping bag. In our upcoming post, we'll show you step-by-step how to easily sew such a bag yourself. This way, you can not only make the most of your fabric scraps but also create a practical and environmentally friendly bag for everyday use.

As you can see, there are unlimited upcycling ideas for you to try. Just don’t forget to add a special finishing touch to your projects to give them a professional and unique look. This is where our hang tags come in! 

Have fun with your upcycling projects!

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