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By Wunderlabel on 02/06/2023

What Is Kraft Paper

What Is Kraft Paper and Where Is It Used

Kraft paper is trending! The unbleached paper gives craft projects and decorations a natural, rustic look. It is particularly popular in the DIY sector for making your own cards and packaging. But kraft paper is also used as a marketing tool in the form of price tags, business cards and bags. 

What Is Kraft Paper?

You might have asked yourself: What is kraft paper?
Kraft paper is a paper made from long cellulose fibers that has a high tensile and breaking strength. It is commonly used for packaging, bags, paper bags and other applications where high strength is required. There are different types of kraft paper, such as natural kraft paper, which is made from untreated cellulose fibers, and chemically treated kraft paper, where the fibers are treated with chemicals to increase strength.

What Are the Advantages of Kraft Paper?

Kraft paper has many advantages over standard paper:

High tear resistance: Kraft paper is very tear resistant and can therefore be used for packaging and bags that need to hold heavy items.

Resistance to moisture: Kraft paper is less susceptible to moisture and can therefore be used for packaging food and other moist items.

Environmentally friendly: Kraft paper is often made from recycled paper and is therefore an environmentally friendly choice.

Cost-efficient: Kraft paper is cost-efficient compared to other papers and can therefore be offered at an affordable price for packaging and paper goods.

Recyclability: Kraft paper is easily recyclable and can be used multiple times.

Where Is Kraft Paper Used?

Kraft paper is to be found in a variety of applications including packaging, bags, paper bags, paper baskets, paper rolls and as paper for making stationery such as notebooks and writing pads. It is also used in the construction industry for insulation and as a backing material for bitumen and asphalt.

What Can You Make from Kraft Paper?

Kraft paper uses

There are many things you can make out of kraft paper. Here are some examples:

Paper bags: You can make paper bags from kraft paper that can be used for shopping or gifts.

Paper flowers: You can make paper flowers out of kraft paper that can be used as decorative elements in living rooms or as gifts.

Paper stars: You can make paper stars out of kraft paper that can be used as Christmas decorations or as decorative elements in general.

Paper baskets: You can make paper baskets out of kraft paper that can be used as storage containers for papers, books or other items.

Paper rolls: You can make paper rolls out of kraft paper that can be used as craft materials or as toys.

Paper shapes: You can make paper shapes such as animals, people, buildings, etc. out of kraft paper.

Notebooks: You can make notebooks out of kraft paper that can be used as diaries or notepads.

Homemade gift tags and cards: Pretty gift tags or cards made of kraft paper make every gift a real eye-catcher.

Printed swing tags and stickers: When it comes to a larger quantity of hang tags or stickers, you can easily design them yourself online and have them printed.

Kraft Paper Printing

Kraft paper can be printed for many occasions. Wunderlabel offers a wide range of kraft paper products for printing!

Pretty gift tags made of kraft paper /hang tags

Gift tags made of kraft paper or hang tags go especially well with homemade and natural products! They can also be designed as decorations for weddings and other special occasions, with colorful or sophisticated white printing.

Kraft paper tags

Kraft paper stickers 

You can also have kraft paper stickers printed. With kraft paper stickers you can quickly and easily add a greeting, a slogan or your logo. These stickers are mostly for indoor use and can be used for notebooks, gifts or packaging.

Kraft paper stickers

Kraft paper business cards

Business cards made of standard white paper are classic and timeless. But kraft paper business cards simply stand out more while still looking classy and professional. The cards are also great as small greeting cards that can be enclosed with the product packaging or in a shipping box.

Kraft paper cards

White print on kraft paper

White print on kraft paper stands out and gives tags, cards and stickers a unique look. Kraft paper cannot be printed with white ink at home: The special printing process requires professional printers. Since white print is so popular, most print shops offer it, and of course Wunderlabel does too!

Kraft paper

Is kraft paper environmentally friendly?

Kraft paper can be considered environmentally friendly because it is often made from recycled paper. Making kraft paper from recycled paper helps to reduce the cutting down of trees and it also reduces the use of chemicals and water in the paper making process. Kraft paper is easily recyclable as well and can be reused multiple times.

However, it is important to note that the environmental friendliness of kraft paper also depends on the type of chemicals and energy sources used in its production. Some kraft paper manufacturers may not use environmentally friendly chemicals or energy sources, which can affect the paper's environmental friendliness. Therefore, it is best to buy kraft paper from companies that adhere to environmental standards and are transparent about how their paper is made. Kraft paper made from sustainably managed forests and certified papermaking processes is also available, which is even more environmentally friendly.

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