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By Terra on 10/16/2017

Winter Fabric Favorites

Winter Fabric Favorites

"Fleece was created to mimic the properties of wool which means it has many of the same characteristics without the weight."

Fall is officially here which has us thinking about warm and cozy fabrics and the endless sewing projects that come along with them. Certain fabrics come to mind when I think of fall and winter, so I decided to put together a list of a few of my favorites for cold weather sewing projects.

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Wool is a great natural fabric that is warm and moisture wicking. I love that it comes in many different weights which means it can be the perfect fabric for a thin long sleeve shirt or thick and robust for a long winter trench coat. Wool is usually dry clean only which means it can be high maintenance, but with so many wool blends on the market today, it can be easily avoided.

Winter Fabric Favorites


Originally made of wool, Flannel is now usually made of cotton or polyester. It is super soft and lightweight which makes it easy to work with. Flannel is created by using a process called napping which means the ends of the fabric fibers are raised creating a fluffy surface. Flannel is a great material to use for scarves, bedding, clothing and everything in between.

Winter Fabric Favorites


Fleece was created to mimic the properties of wool which means it has many of the same characteristics without the weight. Fleece is warm, moisture wicking, comes in a variety of weights and is very soft against the skin. It can be used as lining in jackets and jeans, and is often used for warm hats and mittens.  Fleece doesn’t fray which means finishing off seams is not always necessary. Fleece is definitely a sewers favorite as it can be used for a wide variety of applications.

Of course, there are many other fabrics which can be great for winter sewing projects. I’m definitely looking forward to diving into some cozy winter sewing projects. What are your favorite winter fabrics?

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