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QR Codes for the Handmade Seller

A QR Code or Quick Response Code is a 2D scannable code, similar to a barcode, that can be scanned and read by a smartphone. The scanned QR Code can then instantly provide information such as a website, a Facebook or Instagram page, an online shop, or product video. Today many companies are using QR Codes to showcase everything from real estate listings to quilt patterns – and everything in between. You can spot QR Codes everywhere including magazines, on store front windows and even on food packaging.

QR Codes can be a great marking tool for handmade sellers. Using your unique QR Code on hang-tags, business cards or shopping bags, to name a few, is an easy way to draw customers to your online presence such as a shop or website. QR Codes are most often used in offline venues, so they can be a fun way to engage customers at craft fairs and flea market booths. The scanned code can link back to a discount coupon, styled photographs or a fun video detailing your creation process or where you source your materials. The possibilities are truly endless. QR Codes can also make your packaging pop while adding another facet to your advertising plan. Consider adding them to shipment packaging or mailing labels. The versatility of QR Codes make them an excellent way to advertise and inform in a way which is 100% tailored to your handmade business.

QR Code, Handmade Seller, Craft Fair, Etsy

Engage customers at your craft fair booth by displaying a QR Code which links to coupons or styled photographs.


The good news is that getting a QR code and an app for reading them is easy. There are many free generators out there such as uQR.me, goQR.me and QRstuff.com. Most smartphones available today come with a preinstalled QR Code scanning app, and if not, scanning apps can be found in any app store.

The sky is the limit with QR Codes. What exciting things are you doing with them to promote your handmade business? We’d love to hear your ideas!


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