Scissor Sharpening Quick-Fix


“This method is actually not sharpening your scissors, but honing them.”


We’ve all been there. You’re working on a project and your scissors start giving you grief by not cutting properly. This quick fix will get you through those situations. This method is actually not sharpening your scissors, but honing them.  The aluminum foil fills in the crevices on the scissor blade, leaving them “sharpened” so that you can finish your project. We recommend that your next stop be to visit a professional who can sharpen up your scissors into perfect working order once again.  This foil quick fix is not recommended for the long term.


You will need:

A large piece of aluminum foil

A dull pair of scissors or pinking shears

A scrap piece of fabric for testing



Fold the aluminum foil so that there are several layers to cut through. Using the dull scissors, cut through the aluminum foil a few times.



Test the scissors on your scrap piece of fabric. If they are still not cutting properly, cut a few more times through the aluminum foil.  



Your scissors should be cutting nicely now!


Of course, if after a couple of attempts with the aluminum foil your scissors are still dull, it may be time to skip the quick fix and have them professionally sharpened right away instead.


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