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The Top 10 Crafting Blogs

Crafting blogs are everywhere these days which is amazing if you’re a DIY-er. They offer endless inspiration and instruction on everything from cooking to crafts to upcycling and interior design. Today, you can learn how to update an entire kitchen or construct and bed frame from a single blog post. If you suddenly decide you want to crochet a scarf, there are so many tutorials available you’ll have trouble choosing which to make.

We live in a truly great time for crafting. There’s an endless amount of information available, and the craft blogging community is a supportive one. Crafters flood message boards with questions, tips and ideas to help each other.

But with so many blogs out there, how do you wade through the sea to know which ones you should be following? We’ve made a list of the top ten crafting blogs so you can check them out and get to craftin’!

1. The House That Lars Built

Run by creator extraordinaire, Brittany Watson Jepsen, this blog is a curation of elegant design, and unique tutorials. Her background in design clearly shines in posts that are both fun and beautiful. And, Jepsen’s eye for color and florals cannot be beat. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

2. A Beautiful Mess

Chances are, if you’re a crafter, you’ve clicked on a link that has led you to this blog at some point. Sisters Elsie and Emma turn “wow-that’s-so-cool” ideas into “I-think-I-can-make-that” tutorials that will open up a world of inspiration and transform your home, clothes, food, etc. into photo-worthy treasures.

3. Paper & Stitch

Brittni Mehlhoff, editor and founder of Paper & Stitch brings you modern solutions for interior design and DIY projects. Her ideas are super cute and they’re accompanied by beautiful photography that will have you combing through every post for a bit of eye candy.

4. Almost Makes Perfect

Founder, Molly, charmingly admits that her blog’s name came from the fact that while she tries to craft and design, she’s not perfect and is willing to share her mistakes. You wouldn’t know it by looking at this beautifully minimal blog that overflows with great DIY ideas and clean design. Also, be sure to check out her LA guide if you’re going to be making a trip out west and want to see great spots that aren’t tourist traps.

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5. Design*Sponge

Another oft-mentioned blog, Design*Sponge is a collection of beautiful interior design ideas, food, amazing art and travel. This site is full of stylish design, and there are awesome interviews from people in the industry so you can learn from the best. Set aside a good amount of time because you’re going to want to scroll through everything here.

6. Aunt Peaches

Amanda, Miss Aunt Peaches herself, is a master crafter. Her site offers so many fun tutorials you’ll have trouble deciding which one you want to make first. Her instructions break it down so that even the beginner-ist of crafters will look like they’ve got skills. Check out her favorite things for tips on trends and fun things out in the world.

7. Dollar Store Crafts

Are you a crafter on a budget? Want to make projects without breaking the bank? This blog is for you! Founder, Heather Mann, shows you how to make great creations out of items found at discount and dollar stores. You’ll be amazed that some of these expensive-looking items come from dollar store finds, and the tutorials even give you material lists with estimated cost breakdowns!

8. Lovely Indeed

Chelsea at Lovely Indeed brings you a ton of ideas on her lifestyle blog which is, indeed, lovely. (Sorry). There are recipes you’ll want to prepare and eat, projects you’ll want to make and keep, and gifts you’ll want to create and give to your favorite people. Plus, scrolling through this aesthetically pleasing site while reading through her posts will give you a case of real life heart eyes.

9. Diary of a Quilter

Ah, the handbook of the modern quilter. Amy Smart has provided many a quilter with tips, tutorials and insight into her creativity. Whether you’ve never made a quilt and want to learn from step one, or you’re a seasoned quilter looking for new design ideas, this site is for you. Her step-by-step tutorials are easy to understand and demystify the intimidating prospect of making a quilt.

10. Creative Green Living

If clean livin’ and upcycling is your jam, then this is your blog. Carissa at Creative Green Living shows you how to make healthy recipes and turn unused items into new creations. This blog will inspire you to discover your eco-friendly self and be a healthier you.

There are so many fun ideas out there and such a variety of blogs to explore for today’s crafter. These are just our top ten.

What are your favorite crafting blogs?

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