How to use a Wristband with a Slide Closure


“Follow these simple steps to properly secure your wristbands.”


Our soft and flexible wristbands are a cinch to put on and when using our slide closures, cannot be taken off. Not only are they are perfect for festivals, concerts and all large events, they are easy to design and order online.


Follow these simple steps to properly secure your wristbands.


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Let’s get started!


Fold the wristband in half so that the 2 taffeta ends are together. The taffeta allows the end of the wristband to slide easily through the slide closure.



Pinch the end into a fold.



Take the folded edge of the taffeta edge and guide it through the slide closure. The teeth inside the closure should be pointing away from you. See picture below of the slide closure teeth pointing away from you.




Pull the wristband through the slide closure stopping just past the taffeta edge. Slip the Wristband onto the wrist and tighten the closure.




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