What is Shibori?

Chances are you’ve heard the term shibori pop up now and then.  It’s with good reason because shibori fabrics are gorgeous and one of kind.  Who wouldn’t want to make a gorgeous sundress or flowing summer scarf out of this on-trend fabric?


Shibori is actually the method in which the fabric is dyed.  This Japanese dying technique starts by folding, twisting or bunching white fabric, binding it and then dying it in indigo.  Indigo is a dark blue dye which is made from the indigo plant.  The result is a beautiful deep blue and white fabric with an almost watercolor effect.  



The areas of the fabric which are bound resist the indigo dye which results in the white and blue pattern.  Shibori kits can be found easily online and the binding method can often include wooden blocks, twine or rubber bands.  Keep in mind that only natural fibers will accept dye.  100% cotton fabric is a great choice.  When the fabric is removed from the indigo dye it will be a greenish yellow color.  Don’t panic!  The dye will start to oxidize as it dries in the air and will slowly turn dark blue.


The technique in which the fabric is bound can vary and the sky is the limit when it comes to patterns, so it’s really hard to mess this kind of project up.  Have fun and create a masterpiece that is uniquely you!



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