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Custom Stickers

Custom Stickers

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The Wunderlabel Difference

Premium Quality

Premium Quality

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Best Value

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Fast Shipping

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Custom Stickers with Text & Symbol

Make a huge branding impact on a small budget with our easy to design custom stickers. Digitally printed on sheets of professional decal paper, these stickers are perfect for businesses, kids and crafters alike. Our easy to use online configurator will take you to step by step through the creation process.


  • Different sizes and shapes
  • Paper stickers with a matte finish or water resistant stickers with a glossy finish
  • Water resistant or standard paper
  • Digitally printed with vivid colors
  • Personalize with your choice of text and colorful symbols
  • Upload your own picture or artwork
  • Budget friendly
Custom Stickers

Custom Logo Stickers

Upload your very own logo or artwork to design a logo sticker which is completely custom. Use custom stickers on business cards, product packaging, mailings or for promotions - the possibilites are truly endless. 
Custom stickers with logo great for product packaging, business cards, mailings and promotions - the possibilities are endless. Logo stickers are not only versatile, they are easy to design, budget friendly and make a big impact. Logo stickers can be designed using paper stickers, water resistant stickers or kraft paper stickers. Our online design tool will walk you through each step of the design process.


  • Different sizes & shapes
  • Paper stickers with a matte finish or water resistant stickers with a glossy finish
  • Water resistant or standard paper
  • Digitally printed with vivid colors
  • Fully customizable with your own logo or artwork
  • Upload your own picture or artwork
  • Budget friendly
  • Great branding tool for businesses

Custom Stickers - Design your own QR-Code

The high quality classic stickers featuring a QR Code. Use your own unique QR code to give customers instant information such as website URL, your email address or custom text.
Make a huge branding impact on a small budget with our easy to design stickers with QR Code. These stickers are perfect for businesses, kids and crafters alike. They are digitally printed and have vibrant colors and sharp print. Our online design tool will help you create the perfect custom label design with your own combination of colors, fun symbols, text and the ability to upload your own picture or artwork. You can even generate and insert a QR-Code. Edit and perfect your design by using our interactive sticker preview. Paper, water resistant and kraft paper stickers are available.


  • Size: Different sizes and shapes
  • Paper stickers with a matte finish or water resistant stickers with a glossy finish
  • Water resistant or standard paper
  • Digitally printed with vivid colors
  • Personalize with your choice of text and colorful symbols
  • Upload your own picture or artwork
  • Generate and insert a QR-Code
  • Budget friendly

School Labels Set / Sticker for Kids

The Wunderlabel School Labels Set is handy for school and nursery. The colourful name stickers will make sure that your kids never lose anything again. Whether for lunch boxes, scissors, shoes or pens, these small stickers make the perfect labels. The iron-on labels included in the set are even suitable for clothing. 
The stickers are dishwasher safe and the iron-on labels are washable up to 30°C. 


The set includes:

• 16 round stickers waterproof, dishwasher and microwave safe stickers
• 24 medium waterproof, dishwasher and microwave safe stickers
• 52 pencil stickers
• 25 iron-on name labels
• 1 plastic tag with bead chain

- Name stickers: Waterproof synthetic polypropylene paper (PP) 
- Name tag: PVC - plastic
- Iron-on labels: PU (Polyurethane)

- Stickers are waterproof and dishwasher safe.  
- Iron-on labels are washable up to 30°C.

Video: 4 Gift Wrapping Hacks with Personalized Stickers

In this short video we'll show you 4 easy hacks to elevate your gift wrapping. 4 simple hacks all in one place to make your life easier. Make your gift wrapping special by adding some of our personalized stickers!

Custom Stickers by Wunderlabel

Create fully the best custom stickers online with just a few clicks! Our online design tool will walk you through each step of the design process. Stickers are perfect for product packaging, mailers, crafts and to label kids items. The list goes on and on. Available in an array of sizes and shapes, the best custom stickers are affordable and fun. Pair some custom made stickers with similarly designed hang tags, clothing labels or ribbons.

What custom sticker choices are available?

Wunderlabel offers 2 types of custom stickers. Stickers with Text and Symbol which can be immediately designed using our online design tool, and Logo Stickers, which are printed using your own unique logo, picture or artwork.

- Stickers custom printed with your own text and symbol can be designed by inputting your own text, choosing the font, colors and layout. You can even choose symbols or upload your own logo or artwork to include in the design. There are custom text stickers in different sizes.
A QR code can also be created for your custom made stickers. You can choose custom round stickers or the other shapes for them. The custom circle stickers have a size of 30 mm.

- The second type of made stickers are Custom Logo Stickers. These stickers are printed using your unique logo, picture or artwork. Your perfect custom logo stickers can be created in just a few clicks by using our simple online design tool. 

Order a Sticker with QR-Code and YOUR Logo

The Many Advantages of Wunderlabel Stickers

- Our stickers are made to last using the finest materials.

- Small orders are welcome: orders start at 25 pieces for just $9.95. Ideal if you are on a budget!

- You can design your own round stickers by using the online configurator (with a choice of fonts, symbols and colors), or create custom logo sticker design (with your own logo or artwork).

- The stickers will adhere to most smooth and non-porous surfaces.

-The professional printing process creates vivid colors and a lovely eggshell sheen./li>

- In the unlikely event that you are not happy with the product we offer a money back guarantee.

What type of material are custom label stickers printed on?

Wunderlabel offers two different types of custom label sticker material to choose from:

  • Decal Paper:

Custom label stickers are digitally printed onto decal paper which results in vivid colors and sharp images.  Decal paper stickers are also available as kraft paper. They have a matte finish and are not water resistant.

  • Water Resistant Polypropylene:

Custom label stickers are digitally printed onto water resistant polypropylene film which is waterproof. These custom water resistant stickers have a glossy finish and should not be washed, placed in the dishwasher or scrubbed.

Both paper, kraft paper and water resistant custom labeling stickers can be applied to most smooth, nonporous surfaces which are clean, dry and free from dust and oil.

How can I use Custom Printed Stickers?

Stickers have many different uses! E.g. Custom stickers for business are very popular.
Businesses can have stickers custom printed for product packaging, mailers and promotional items. Crafters love them because they have unlimited uses for craft and art projects. Moms love them because they are absolutely perfect for labeling kids items for school with custom name stickers
Personalize your notebook with the fun and unusual custom laptop stickers!

Don’t forget about print custom stickers for your home. They are great for organizing in the kitchen, laundry room and home office. Not only that, custom stickers can be used as a personalized touch for gift wrapping and gift baskets.

How to make print custom stickers online?

Make your very own custom made stickers using the Wunderlabel design tool. Simply click through the steps within the design tool to choose your print custom sticker shape, colors and design. It’s as simple as that!

Follow these steps in the design tool to make your own print custom stickers with your own text and symbol or design:
LABEL: Choose your sticker shape and material. There are 5 shapes to choose from and they are available in either paper, kraft paper and water resistant stickers.
COLOR: Choose the background color of your sticker design.
TEXT: Input up to 3 lines of text, choose your font and font color. Use the preview to drag your text to your desired location.
SYMBOL: Embellish your design with a symbol if you wish. You can position the symbol by dragging it in the sticker preview.
QR-CODE: If you want to include a QR-Code, this step will help you generate it.
UPLOAD: Upload a picture or design you’d like to include in your sticker design.

Choose your quantity and shipping method, order custom stickers and you’re ready to check out!
For Logo Stickers, simply choose your stickers shape and material, and upload your logo following the instructions in the design tool.

Creating Personalized Stickers

Stickers are affordable and can be easily designed online. A great idea for at home, school books, kindergarten items and used as advertising stickers for your business. They’re also great for special occasions and big events. At Wunderlabel you can choose between stickers designed with your own text and a symbol or logo stickers which are designed with your own logo or artwork. The online configurator will take you through the design process so that you can create and order your very own stickers and add a personal touch to your items.

Print Stickers for any Occasion

We hope that our suggestions will inspire you to create a sticker design of your very own!


  • Label school books and materials (folders, lunch boxes, backpacks, notebooks, study materials etc.)
  • Everything in its place: keep your home organized by using stickers (folders, storage boxes, drawers, pantry items, file folders etc.)
  • Add a special touch to homemade foods and beverages (jam, pickles, ball jars, goody bags)
  • For hospital patients or nursing home residents to label their possessions
  • On your mailbox, mobile phone or in your car

Marketing and Advertising

  • Logo stickers as promotional items
  • Mark your goods for campaigns such as clearance sales and special offers
  • Personalize your packaging material with stickers
  • Give your packaging and other shipping materials a professional and custom look with stickers

Special Occasions

  • Customized stickers (for candles votives, invitations, table deco and flower arrangements) for weddings
  • Add a personal touch to your gifts at any time of the year (birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day)
  • Fun stickers: for school and college graduations, for children’s parties, class reunions, or any big event and celebrations!


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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the minimum quantity order of custom stickers?

Small batch orders are no problem at Wunderlabel. Stickers orders start at only 25 pieces. Custom stickers are a great way to make a big impact with a small budget.

  • How can I get custom stickers made?

Get your own unique custom stickers made at Wunderlabel. Creating and ordering your custom stickers is easy using our online design tool. Input your text, choose your colors, fonts and symbols, or upload a logo. Your custom sticker order can be finished with just a few clicks.

  • What sizes are the custom stickers?

Wunderlabel offers 5 different sizes of custom stickers:  30 mm round, 15 x 30 mm, 50 x 20 mm, 60 x 15 mm, 45 x 45 mm. We have something for everyone!

  • How long does it take to receive my personalized stickers?

It may take up to 10 - 12 working days before you receive your delivery. Rush order with UPS Express: We will fulfill your order as a priority and it will reach you 2-3 working days after dispatch from our production facility.

Why Choose Wunderlabel Stickers?

At Wunderlabel you can create personalized stickers and logo stickers within minutes. Having your own unique stickers made is a big step and we promise that we won’t disappoint!

Our stickers are affordable but super high quality and really are a huge branding bang for your buck.

The sticker sheets are printed onto high quality decal paper by professional digital printing machines using laser technology. The stickers are then sealed to make them long lasting with brilliant colors and giving them a slight eggshell sheen.

You can check the order status any time on and we will notify you by email as soon as the stickers have been shipped.

If you have any questions about the online ordering process you can always reach out to our friendly customer service team.

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High Quality Products by Wunderlabel

We are labeling experts! Wunderlabel has something for everybody, whether you are a small business owner or a DIY enthusiast, let us help you create a branding story.
We offer a variety of products available with low quantity minimum and always at affordable prices! Combine a variety of branding products with your stickers such as fabric labels, hang tags, ribbons and/or woven wristbands.
Check out all the possibilities at!

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